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Lost Dutchman State Park

Oh a whim, I set out for the Superstitions...

The Superstition Mountains

Looking toward the south, directly at the mountain. The weather was top-notch, which allowed me to venture further.

Perfect blue skies

I don't even think it was 100 degrees at this point.

Gazing toward "Praying Hands"

Some unusual rock formations toward the eastern slope of the mountain.

Finally, a place to rest

Bless you, Andrew D. Smith, whoever you are...

Just a bit closer...

Starting to warm up now, I approached the mountain still from the north. It was beautiful.

Praying Hands again...

My camera kept finding its way back toward these formations.

A ghost town

I drove past this small grouping of run down structures on the way up. I wanted to stop on the way down, but was a bit tired.

Foreboding and tempting, all the same

I wanted to go further, but by this time, it was hot. Plus, I forgot my water (d'oh!)

Black and white

Time to go back, one last shot for fun.



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