23 March 2009



Looking North

A glance at the northern side of Little Cottonwood canyon

Looking north, again

Another glance at the canyon. This time, there's a tree in the way

The Atrium

Nine floors of mind-numbing glory. This is the inside of the Cliff Lodge.

Birch Trees

A grouping of trees located along the path from the Snowbird Center to the Lodge.

Canyon, looking West

This is what I saw every morning after work on my drive home. I never got tired of it.

Looking South west

Sorry, this one is a little (lot) washed out. But the tree looks really great!

Walking up the Chickadee

A glance at the West side of the Cliff Lodge, while walking along the path from the Snowbird Center.

The last of the butterfly melt

You can't really view it, but year after year, that patch of remaining snow always looks like a butterfly. Hence the name.



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