Our partnership with UWS ensures that students at South Lanarkshire College are more accessible to students and offers other ways to help students. Eden Lim, President of ANUSA, said: “This partnership offers the opportunity to gain student experience together at ANU. It provides a platform for talking between students and the university about enhancing the teaching and learning experience. It encourages agreement between all parties to this agreement. UWS has 130 European partners and we will facilitate student exchanges in a number of disciplines. Erasmus exchanges enable students to improve their academic experience, personal development, employment opportunities, confidence and skills and offer a broader cultural perspective for their university experience. Our employees also benefit from reciprocal exchanges with our partner institutions. Western Sydney University maintains international partnerships and formal agreements with more than 320 international institutions and organizations in 53 countries and forms an extensive network of strategic relationships and cooperation to promote the university`s research, teaching and innovation. Aileen continued: “I am pleased that 301 students have received their BAcc Award under the SLC/UWS partnership over the past 10 years. We also offer ongoing support and advice to student institutions and associations, so if you have any comments or questions about student partnership agreements or advice, please contact Stef Black.

Here`s a taste of our current university partnerships, locally, nationally and globally. The BAcc Trail allows students to begin their studies at the NC level and go to the graduate level while staying on the south Lanarkshire College campus. This is an increasingly popular choice for future students in the region, due to the location of the course and the career potential of the award. Recent work to help institutions and their student groups understand student partnership and engagement is the development of our student engagement analysis workshop for the 2019-20 period. This can have a useful impact on the shape and content of the GNP. For information or questions about institutional partnerships, please contact the International Partnership Team at: internationalpartnerships@westernsydney.edu.au. The partnership agreement aims to improve students` ability to provide feedback on our university experience. Aileen said: “Students at South Lanarkshire College have distinguished themselves: students from South Lanarkshire College have won the UWS Court Medal four of the past five years and one of our students, David Cowie, has received the Court Medal of Honours level. David is now a lecturer at the university, he shares his experience, he lectures on the program” and has encouraged more of our students to put themselves at the level of honor at the university.

“We are pleased to renew our partnership with the University of the West of Scotland to provide the BAcc Accounting curriculum. This study partnership program, which has been underway since 2011, is transformative for students at South Lanarkshire College, as it provides a direct articulation for the third year of BAcc Accounting and the opportunity for students to complete their year of honour at the UWS. At UWS, we want to partner with like-minded organizations for the good of our students and society as a whole. Our university schools continue to work with a large number of industry, government and academic partners. The agreement covers major topics related to student feedback from student surveys, feedback forums and existing university initiatives, which are jointly involved by ANU, ANUSA and PARSA.