As with all legal agreements, the devil is in the details of your lease. It is advisable to seek appropriate legal advice before making commitments regarding the lease. Take the time to understand the clauses and, if possible, ask your lawyer to provide a summary of the content you can refer to during the term of your lease. It is a simple financing lease, the owner remains the “owner” in a capacity that is almost minimal; it provides and benefits from the capital, but under the terms of the lease, it does not expose itself to the debts of the commercial risks of the aircraft operator.23 This is dry leasing, which is the basis of most of the leasing structures used in aeronautical transactions and can create contractual forms of great flexibility. Further complicating matters is that the concept of dry leasing can be divided into a number of other categories, including the finance leasing and operational leasing departments.21 2. Leasing in West Africa, Afrolease, Volume: Number 1,P.10 If you are obliged to terminate your lease before the deadline, it is advisable to negotiate with the lessor the terms of exit. In the event of an obvious request for the premises, the owner may be prepared to accept an early termination without penalty or for a minimum fee. If demand is tight, the owner can do difficult business and negotiate a strong compensation. There is very little difference between a lease and a lease.

Tax benefits could also be transferred to a lessor, resulting in a decrease in rental payments to the taker. Operating leasing is off-balance, which can improve some of the taker`s essential financial ratios. In the area of financing, a lease agreement is an agreement that allows a party to use real estate, investments or equipment, for a fee, for a period of time. Leases have become increasingly common, with businesses and consumers looking for alternatives to finance the acquisition of fixed assets. A lease agreement consists of at least two parties; a landlord (z.B. a bank) who owns the property and a tenant who uses the property. The lessor, essentially a creditor of the transaction, is reimbursed from the combination of rents, benefits and income from the sale or re-lease of the property at the end of the tenancy period 10. Section 6 of the Act stipulates that they must be included in each lease, for example. B A Nairobi tenant shared her lease form, which elicited mixed reactions, with some of the clauses in the form considered to be revolting and alleged to violate their privacy.

The English law stipulates, among other things, that it does not apply to agreements for which the tenant is an entity. Kenya Act 30 repeats the same thing. My impression is that the reason is that an entity is seen as an essential bargaining power in relation to a person. The law is designed to provide tenants who are individual merchants with legal protection against exploitation by rental companies. Section 535 of the Act provides that, unless the tenancy agreement has not been registered, no person has the right to enforce the agreement against the tenant, impose a tenant`s contract or impose a guaranteed contract with respect to the contracts, and the landlord is not entitled to obtain the right to recover the goods from the tenant. A guarantee granted by the tenant for the money to be paid under the agreement or a deposit for the funds to be paid under the contract or a deposit for funds without money payable as part of the guarantee related to the agreement is enforceable against the tenant or guarantor.