So far, no updates from the hospital, so I doubt I’ll be volunteering there this week.  I’d just like to know, you know?  Because knowing helps you feel better about the time when you didn’t know.  So it will be a few more weeks of waiting.  I’m excited to get out of the house a little bit, gather some outside stimuli to dust off the cobwebs in my mind.  Sometimes when I write, I feel like I am peeling away at old information.

Some points of excitement for me, as I’m getting iLife and iWork tomorrow for my little Dell Macbook.  The thing that worries me is whether I’ll have enough room for all the neat programs they come with.  I really only want Pages from the iWork suite, and really want to try out iPhoto from the iLife collection.  iPhoto has some great features that should make my thousands of digital photos easier to find.  And Pages just removes the clutter while you write.  I find it harder and harder to write with all that can distract you on this screen.

The family is gearing up for the trip to Utah next week; we’re leaving the heat.  I just hope it doesn’t snow while we’re there.  I’d like to take at least one trip up into the mountains, you know?  Hike a little bit (lot).  I’m not much for skiing anymore, so the less snow on the mounts, the better.

I don’t put nearly enough pictures on this blog, I know.  It’s extremely difficult to do with my blogging tool.  You’re thinking to yourself, “Didn’t you change the whole thing so it would be easier?”  Yes, yes I did.  And in the process, added 8 more steps.  I could be back to the old format before you know it.

Talked to Sumner’s teacher a little bit after school today, seems the lad can’t stay in his seat.  Most other aspects of his behavior in the classroom are steady for now, but the chair is his mortal enemy, it seems.  Strangely, this makes me smile, only because that trait is so much like his pop.  In so many ways, he has the charisma and predilections of his dear mommy, so whenever I get to mark one in the daddy column, I like it.  

No, I never wanted to stay in my seat.  In my young mind, there were about 50 other things that I would rather be doing, or seeing, or experimenting with, and I was actively categorizing them in my mind for later activity.  I see the same in Sumner.

As far as SaraJane goes, she cut two more teeth in the past week, with a few more looking ripe for  departure.  She’s also cruising around the couches more and more, looking braver for that first big step away from the hand hold. 

It breaks my heart to see her grow so fast, because little girls turn into big girls, and big girls turn into young women that find a way to get married.  18 years is never enough with a daughter.  I hope that, somehow, she sees how much her daddy loves her.

My goodness, I’ve reached the magical 500 work threshold yet again.  That’s more than enough.  Goodnight, and thanks for reading.