I’ve always known that Sumner likes salty foods.  As soon as he was young enough to reach the salt shakers at restaurants, he has tried his hardest to put sodium on everything he eats*.

Yesterday evening, I set myself to task with the weekly laundry duties, while putting SaraJane down for a nap and turning a movie on for Sumner.  It’s acceptable to me that Sumner can choose a snack for himself from the shelf he can reach, usually a granola bar or some fruit snacks.  Instead of one of these more sensible choices, Sumner decided to take it upon himself to scramble up the rows of shelves to find an entire bag of pretzels, one of his favorites.  I have nothing against them, however; Sumner has no portion controls skills yet, especially when tuning out to a movie.  So, unbeknownst to me, Sumner whiled away the time snacking on the whole bag.

After the movie was done, he ran upstairs to greet me and see if I needed any help  with the laundry duties (good kid, afterall).  I said no, but that we should go back downstairs to clean up.  It was then that I found the empty bag, and more purposeful to the story, it was then that Sumner decided to vomit abundantly.

It should be noted that Sumner is a good sport, and realized the error of his ways even while throwing up the consequence of his snacking indulgence.  He looked up at me and said, quite matter-of-factly, “I had too much salt, I think”.  I agreed with him, and continued on cleaning up the mess he made.

Much later that evening, while discussing the event with the wife, Sumner gave me further revelation into his snacktime adventures.  Seems that Sumner didn’t stop at the end of the bag, oh no.  He decided that waste not, want not, and ate every grain of salt left over in the bag.  The boy.loves.salt.

If possible, next time you have an empty bag of pretzels, check and see how much salt is left in the bottom.  Then picture a five year old boy eating all of it.  Then imagine my gratitude that Sumner did end up puking it all out.   

A pretty grand adventure in the world of parenting, indeed.  


*No, we don’t let him.  Though he still tries to angle himself toward the salt shakers at every restaurant we go to!