Website Development And Maintenance Agreement

The relationship of the parties under this Agreement is that of independent contractors, and no joint venture, partnership, agency, employer-employee or similar relationship is created in or through this Agreement. Neither party may assume or create obligations on behalf of the other party, and neither party may take any action that gives the appearance of such authority. Support may include providing support, processing Customer`s requests regarding the use of.. Read More

Victoria Rental Agreement Contract

If you breach any provision of the rental agreement, you will be responsible for correcting it. If you are a tenant, it may mean that you are paying money to solve problems caused by you or your guests. If you do not voluntarily pay to repair the infringement, you may be sued for damages resulting from the infringement and/or possibly cleared by the lessor. Tenants and landlords can agree.. Read More

User Agreement Chw

When purchasing a protection plan, you are not subject to a home inspection, as choice Home Warranty does not disqualify coverage due to the age of your home or the age of your systems and appliances. Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield are two of the most popular home warranty companies in the industry and serve most states in the country. Choice Home Warranty is known for its.. Read More