New shoes

Someday, I’d like a pair of shoes with those wheels on the bottom. That’d be the stuff.

At lunch

Sitting here, minding my own business. Simply reading news articles on my iPad, when I notice two “gentlemen” laughing in my general direction. I notice a windows based net book on their table. I shoot them a look that quite possibly corrupted their registry. They leave without giving me another look. I smile. I have no issues with other peoples’ technology choices. Really, I don’t. But give me a break… Read More

Hello, world

After discussing blog options with my elder brother Adam, i felt encouraged to sit down and update the site. Progress was made, with WordPress being upgraded and the appropriate app being configured on the new iPad. I won’t talk about work too much on this or any other blog, but I’ll use it to bang out other weird and random thoughts again. I’ve started shooting more photography, so what little.. Read More