04/28/09 – Preparing for Utah

We’re in full preparation mode now, it seems.  Spent a good portion of the morning cleaning out the van, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad.  Just one bag of trash, and it was a small one.  Most of the time, we extract at least a full trash bag worth of goodies from the nooks and crannies hidden away. When you have a five year old, you.. Read More

04/27/09 – RD Tested: Why the Hackb00k is a success

In response to this article, (link opens new page, as well as explains what I’m arguing against) I can say only this; it’s truly a matter of opinion.  Therefore, I am completely aware that what follows is simply my take.  But I’m pretty sure I’m right. I kid.  I am not putting the article’s author down in any way when I say that I wholeheartedly disagree with his viewpoints on.. Read More

04/22/09 – Sleep doesn’t come easily at 9pm

So far, no updates from the hospital, so I doubt I’ll be volunteering there this week.  I’d just like to know, you know?  Because knowing helps you feel better about the time when you didn’t know.  So it will be a few more weeks of waiting.  I’m excited to get out of the house a little bit, gather some outside stimuli to dust off the cobwebs in my mind.  Sometimes.. Read More

04/19/09 – A recap

I really should try to remember what I did this weekend, only because I’m sitting here feeling too darn satisfied and accomplished.  Back, I say!  Wipe that smug look off your face.  Thursday.   Only because our weekend starts on Thursday.  We knew we were in for a long weekend, with showers and parties and visiting family and what-not.  (Reading that sentence to myself, I realize I should completely avoid any.. Read More

04/18/09 – Weird logic

For those of you who may have missed it at the Moblah’g, check this out. No…he still won’t pet a dog.  But he will allow a six foot python around his neck.  Love that boy.

04/17/09 – Quote of the day

“I think to have faith in nothing at all is to run pretty close to madness. I think insanity is very close behind if you are totally nihilistic about everything. You’ve got to believe in something.” -Sting

04/16/09 – Something to write

Something about having a notebook with me where ever I go encourages me to write.  Although I still wish I were a pen and paper guy; my brother keeps a journal with him wherever he goes so he can jot down ideas and thoughts immediately.  I guess it shows the 10 year disparity between us.  I do remember the thrill of the open, blank page too, but my tenure with.. Read More

04/15/09 – Salt. The boy loves salt.

I’ve always known that Sumner likes salty foods.  As soon as he was young enough to reach the salt shakers at restaurants, he has tried his hardest to put sodium on everything he eats*. Yesterday evening, I set myself to task with the weekly laundry duties, while putting SaraJane down for a nap and turning a movie on for Sumner.  It’s acceptable to me that Sumner can choose a snack.. Read More

04/13/2009 – Fuzz

Today was a long day for some reason. Not really something I can pinpoint at the moment, as the standout emotion I am feeling right now is a calming one.  I am fiddling around on my laptop while Sumner swims in our neighborhood pool.  Very satisfying.  I still have a lot to learn on Mac OS X, so much in fact that I really don’t care that my computer isn’t.. Read More

04/01/2009 – Before and after

I really wanted to post something April Fools style today, but the uncanny number of Web sites and blogs pulling pranks was staggering enough to turn me off of it pretty quickly.  You never know what to believe on a day like this.  It’s like one early poster said, “April Fools + The Internet = Crap”. So, instead of a hastily concocted lie about pregnancy or moving or some other.. Read More