03/29/09 – Amazon.com Gift Card Winners

Cue the drama, folks.  The names were dropped into a hat (dish, actually), and the wife pulled the names, one by one. Congratulations to Eric M. and Chelsea L.!  The gift cards will be e-mailed to you electronically within the week. So, that was pretty fun, neh?  I’ll do this again in a few months.  What type of prizes would you like to see?

03/24/2009 – Welcome to the new blog, plus a chance to win!

Hello, what’s this?  A new blog? I had a heck of a time getting this new site ready for launch.  I thought that it’d be nice and easy…install a new blogging software on my Web site, take the main page down for a while, and voila…but no!  I had 42 headaches to contend with.  But now I can take a deep breath, relax, and begin posting the daily rants and.. Read More

3/24/2009 – Hackbook?

I ordered myself a new Dell Mini 9 “Netbook” today with the money I had been saving from my birthday.  They had a great deal going at only $199, though I did choose a few small upgrades. Ship date isn’t until mid-April, so I’m not holding my breath for a quick arrival.  But when it does get here, I’m removing Linux and installing OS X.  It should be a fun.. Read More

03/24/2009 – A new way to post

The new blog is live. It would seem that the hours and days of fuss over the Web hosting paid off.  After many years of crafting each and every blog page by hand, I grew weary of the tediousness of the task.  Each new post meant at least three other pages needed manual updating if I wanted the previous entry archived properly.  This, coupled with the fact that I could.. Read More