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New shoes

Someday, I’d like a pair of shoes with those wheels on the bottom. That’d be the stuff.

At lunch

Sitting here, minding my own business. Simply reading news articles on my iPad, when I notice two “gentlemen” laughing in my general direction. I notice a windows based net book on their table. I shoot them a look that quite possibly corrupted their registry. They leave without giving me another look. I smile. I have no issues with other peoples’ technology choices. Really, I don’t. But give me a break… Read More

Hello, world

After discussing blog options with my elder brother Adam, i felt encouraged to sit down and update the site. Progress was made, with WordPress being upgraded and the appropriate app being configured on the new iPad. I won’t talk about work too much on this or any other blog, but I’ll use it to bang out other weird and random thoughts again. I’ve started shooting more photography, so what little.. Read More

25 reasons I love Jenna

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, and not just because Jenna did the same thing for me on my birthday.  When you’re truly in love with a girl, you can’t help it; thinking about her is comparable to breathing. So, happy birthday, Jenna.  Here’s my short list for you.  Even when you’re 100, the list will be far too brief. 1.  She is totally and completely.. Read More

05/13/09 – Star Trek, or something…

Ooh, writer’s block. My mind has been empty this entire week.  I know the solution is always “start writing”, but I feel I have nothing to say.  A house full of sick kids and adults has left me worn out.  Myself?  I’m ok.  But usually, I’m a night owl.  Lately I can’t stay up much past 9:00. We saw Star Trek last Friday.  If it weren’t for that brief diversion,.. Read More

05/07/09 – No, I didn’t break my ankle…

I don’t believe that I’m a particularly accident-prone guy.  But I have to finally cede the fact that I have been to the hospital a fair share more times than the average 30 year old.  I found my way back to the ER this past Tuesday, when it felt like I snapped my foot off at the ankle during a night of basketball.  An unfortunate drive to the hoop and.. Read More

04/28/09 – Preparing for Utah

We’re in full preparation mode now, it seems.  Spent a good portion of the morning cleaning out the van, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad.  Just one bag of trash, and it was a small one.  Most of the time, we extract at least a full trash bag worth of goodies from the nooks and crannies hidden away. When you have a five year old, you.. Read More

04/27/09 – RD Tested: Why the Hackb00k is a success

In response to this article, (link opens new page, as well as explains what I’m arguing against) I can say only this; it’s truly a matter of opinion.  Therefore, I am completely aware that what follows is simply my take.  But I’m pretty sure I’m right. I kid.  I am not putting the article’s author down in any way when I say that I wholeheartedly disagree with his viewpoints on.. Read More

04/22/09 – Sleep doesn’t come easily at 9pm

So far, no updates from the hospital, so I doubt I’ll be volunteering there this week.  I’d just like to know, you know?  Because knowing helps you feel better about the time when you didn’t know.  So it will be a few more weeks of waiting.  I’m excited to get out of the house a little bit, gather some outside stimuli to dust off the cobwebs in my mind.  Sometimes.. Read More

04/19/09 – A recap

I really should try to remember what I did this weekend, only because I’m sitting here feeling too darn satisfied and accomplished.  Back, I say!  Wipe that smug look off your face.  Thursday.   Only because our weekend starts on Thursday.  We knew we were in for a long weekend, with showers and parties and visiting family and what-not.  (Reading that sentence to myself, I realize I should completely avoid any.. Read More