23 March 2009



So, this is it.  The final remnant of 2003.  The curtain falls on a great performance, the actors have taken their final bows.

If we could rewind the entirety, we would see many occurrences, some good, some bad.  To be brief, it was a wonderful year, definitely one that I would never go back and change.

And looking forward, we can anticipate a clean slate.  For some, it marks the beginning of a new life, a life where goals can be set anew and wounds can finally be repaired with care.  For others, it generates a new passion for living, and encompasses the supernal nature of birth.  Sadly still, it also represents a sense of despair, or a realization that life becomes unnaturally harder as time goes on.  To these people, a new year is nothing more than the turning of the pages in a book, a novel which, to their knowledge, only ends in one sour note.

I wish to confirm that for myself, it signifies a brand new day.  Other years have had their familiar nuances and flavors; in contrast, this year contains much that is unknown and starkly in direct opposite from others past.  For instance, I can now look forward to the challenges and immense pleasures of life with my wife, who can assist me and keep me going.

Later on down the road, I will be accompanied by another unnamed individual, who will provide me with even more love and lessons.  In other words, a family will now be my help, my power, my encouragement.  No longer will I be generating false hopes. 

In other news: Wife and I visited the aforementioned restaurant again tonight.  I figure that our desire to dine out has something to do with the holiday season.  The levity and brightness of the season leads to a longing to be out amongst the crowds, listening and observing the general happy states of others.

It was, as usual, a brilliant meal.  We attempted to find another dish on the menu that sounded appetizing, but we gave up, realizing that it's always best to stick with what you know.   We've never been very adventuresome when it came to food.  Why, even tonight we tried to locate another restaurant to try out.  After much searching, we gave up, and I looked at her and mentioned that it would have been so much easier if we would have just heeded our first instinct!

No pictures, yet.  I really don't want to get into the rut of making empty promises, because that doesn't make for a happy visit.  As soon as I have the time, something blog-worthy will be posted for your viewing enjoyment.  It should be noted that I'll cook up some tunes, too...I just pray that I have the cleverness to concoct something that won't make you want to bang your temple against the broad side of your monitor.

And that's the end, 2003 is finito.  May you enter into the New Year in health and happiness.  (I can't resist it) I'll see you next year!


Welcome back.  It was a long Monday.

First, I just couldn't pull myself out of bed.  Try as I could, the bed was much too warm and the air much too unfriendly.  In humility, I had to ask the wife for a ride to work because I just didn't have the enthusiasm to ride my scooter in the frigid air outside.

And I don't mean to complain, but who said that it could drop below 40 degrees?

Next, came work.  Drudgery in every facet of the meaning.  I watched the clock (that was my first mistake) as the time ticked by, minute by every minute.  And it was one of those days where every task you do has that same distinctive flavor of the worst scenario possible.

Hmm...that paragraph resounded of even more complaining.  Let's try again.

After work, I decided that it was the right time to take my wife out to dinner.  We visited one of our most favorite joints in town, a little Italian diner called Cucina Tagliani's.  I admit that it is quickly becoming my favorite Italian cuisine, surpassing even the famed and gloried Olive Garden.   I don't know, but I think Olive Garden tastes flat and pales in comparison.  The only saving grace of O.G. is their signature salad (dressing).

I get the same thing every time; the lunch-sized pasta bowl with marinara sauce and ground sausage.  The flavor is derived from the sausage.  And I should mention that their bread is way better than O.G.'s, too.  That does it: Cucina Tagliani's is my new fave.

So, if you're in Arizona, you ought to pay a visit.  It's never too busy, and the atmosphere there is slightly more authentic and 10x more friendly than your usual garden variety restaurant. 

In other news:  I purchased a 512 megabyte flash card for my digital camera tonight.  I had to have it, it was too good of a deal to pass up.  I had taken some new pictures to post today, but I accidentally erased them.  I'm still learning how to use the thing, so bear with me.  Give me another week or so, and I'll be a pro. 

And that's pretty much it for today.  I'm looking forward to some good shut-eye.  Have a splendid day.

Post script:  The site surpassed 2000 visits for the month.  First time ever!


My goodness.  Where have I been?

It's a long story.  It all started back at the end of the week of the 19th, when I began a new Beta project.  I found it necessary to format my computer, and in so doing, completely eradicated all of my Office software (including FrontPage).

Bummer.  So no worries, I simply had to reinstall my Office suite and move on, right?  Sadly, no.  Upon reinstallation, I found out, to my dismay, that the software had recently expired.  So, that brought an abrupt end to the blog and all other updates.

I wish that I could say that I had decided to take a break from writing, or that my Web site updates needed a hiatus for creative recovery.  Neither for the former...but we're finally back in business after the holidays.

Which, by the way, mine was wonderful.  Granted that New Years has not yet happened; however, I feel so estranged from that particular holiday that it really has no specific meaning for me.  Although, the resolutions this year should be predominantly meaty.  First, there's the not-so-small matter of rehabilitating my knee.  I continue to forget that I forked over a lot of cash so that I could play basketball again, and somehow, other things are taking front seat to that effort.

Then, there's that tiny event on the horizon.  I must prepare myself, both physically and mentally, for the birth of my son.  I just had to pause at that statement for a good 45 seconds.  I hadn't yet thought of it quite that way...my son.  It's not an unsettling feeling, really...more so, it's a startling realization that it's not just a game.  Please, don't get me wrong, I hadn't thought of fathering a child as a source of entertainment.  The mere thought hadn't crossed my mind.  But, sometimes parents get caught up in the romance of any given idea, especially child-birth, and more especially, the birth of their first.

No one has really provided us with the stern warnings that I thought came with this territory.  When Wife and I decided to wed, there were the usual talks and speeches about how it's not all fun and games, about how it's hard work and there will be tough times for any couple.  We understood that, and expected it (it hasn't yet happened, mind you...six months) 

But doesn't anyone have any horror stories about children for me?  I've heard the poopie diaper dramas and the screaming-child-at-3:00am stories, but those are simply expected.  It's programmed in the parents hard-coding.  I want some real advice: I want some sit up straight and listen, dangit, because you've had it soft and you ain't got no idea what's in store kind of advice.

Or, maybe I don't.  Maybe that was a horrific tangent that I just delved into.  Spare me, for I think I may be going a little crazy. 

Where was I.  Oh yes, New Years resolutions.  Yes, there's the customary "work out, eat better" resolution, too.  I'm anticipating a little assistance from my spouse on that one, though.  I've never made it more than three months into the year without pooping out in one form or another.  Although I think that I had a fairly good excuse last year, what with the engagement and wedding and surgery and all...but this year, no excuses.  Nothing, short of child-birth, will stop me from reaching my goal.

Oh, boy, am I in for it. 

By the way, to elucidate further on Christmas day, it was a great one.  Dare I say it, it was the best one ever.  I got everything I could have wanted and then some.  Plus, I was able to make my wife happy with most of what she wanted.  I still think there may be something that I forgot along the line, but no matter.  We're both happy. 

Most notable, I received the digital camera that I so dearly wanted.  The biggest surprise came from my wife.  She managed to find the music-creation software that I wanted.  As a result of these gifts, additions will be in place in the Media page of my Web site.  Sweet deal.  You know what?  That deserves a graphic:

Oh yes.  See you tomorrow!  So much more to come!  Thanks for coming back. I'll be sure and make it worth your time.

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