23 March 2009



T minus six days.  Begin final preparations.

Ok, I finally have something.  Please keep in mind that this picture may be so visually stimulating that it may cause more than a few gasps of disbelief.

But before we get to the picture, a little background.  Lights, please?

A few days ago, our friends came over for a little pre-holiday get-together.  Presents were exchanged, but that wasn't the best part.  Laughs were shared, but that isn't why I'm writing.  My entry today is about the introduction of one little kitty and one tiny puppy.

While the picture describes it the best, I should mention that our cat may have missed his calling.  It appears to me that he should have been a prize fighter, as he has one of the best left hooks I've ever seen.

I believe he was just trying to play with the dog, and vice versa, but my cat doesn't know how to play clean.  Anyway, enough verbiage, on with the picture:

I thumb nailed it because I wanted to keep it at a respectable size.  My friend and I (thank you, Ryan) couldn't capture the two in mid swing, but I remember that this picture must have been taken right before the punch came. 

Well, the hour for work draws nigh, so I must end this blog for the week.  Thanks for dropping by, I hope that the reading value has not decreased.  I'll see you back here on Monday morning.  There may be additions to the Media Library this weekend.  Happy holidays!


Crunch time.

I told you that the entries would thin out over the space of the month, but did anyone believe me?  Did you listen?  Probably. 

My apologies (again) for the delayed entry today.  Last night, Wife and I babysat a child of a friend of ours for about four hours while they saw The Return of the King.   Before the night was even expired, I felt like a ton of bricks.  I couldn't hardly stay awake, so when the time came for the babe to be picked up, I hit the bed like a rock and did not stir until morning.

Besides, if I had tried to compose anything last night, it would have been very sloppy and disjointed.   So, depending on your point of view, I saved you.

At this time, I'm waiting for a certain beta to complete downloading so that I can begin the installation process.  It was a fairly hefty file, measuring in at just under 250 megabytes.  Reminiscing, I wonder what that would have been like on a dial-up connection.

Point in fact, it wouldn't.  I would not have even tried.

Side note:  My cat just lost my last fix of Chappy Stick.  I saw him do it.  He batted that thing right underneath the door of our storage closet.  And I'm not going in there to look for it. 

I don't quite understand his fascination with that petroleum tube, but maybe that's what I should get him for Christmas.  However, knowing him, he'd just get disinterested because he couldn't pick them out of my pocket anymore.

Oh well, you take what you can get.  And I have a cat that's addicted to Chap Stick.

Tomorrow comes quickly.  I must prepare.  Good night!


I completely spaced this entry last night, so I'm entering this blog at about 6:30 in the morning.  The sun has not risen; even the peaks of the mountains do not yet show the burgundy hue of the dawn.

I sometimes forget the simple beauty of the still morning.  Sitting here in darkness almost persuades me to be something of a morning person. But I digress, as I completely doubt that this solitary experience could pull me out of a warm bed.

Wife and I accomplished the majority of the remainder of our Christmas shopping last night.  It's become much harder to shop for parents now that I no longer have daily contact with them.  The tried and true staple gifts of movies and music no longer apply, as I haven't any idea what they've been listening to or seeing lately.

So, I got them a...hmm.  Better not list that here, as my mother or father may have grown wise and learned my site lists such daily occurances.

Well, the day dawn approaches, and I've still much to do before work begins.  Tomorrow:  You can expect something utterly hilarious (if it turned out ok).  Have a great day! 


Can't stay and play tonight, folks.  I did something to my back and need the Rx of sleep.

So, all I have to offer is this:

It's an old wallpaper that I created while living in California.  The words are taken from a song by Sting.  Enjoy!  Be back tomorrow.


I must say that I'm fairly delighted that this blog hasn't turned into a chore.  I enjoy writing too much for this to become tiresome.  Although I admit that at times, I spend about an hour conjuring up clever thought.  It hasn't yet come to me that easily.

And I will admit that the entries have been dry at times.  But as of this time, we're striving for quantity over quality.  The value will come soon.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.  It's been increasingly difficult to concentrate while at work, a direct result of the holiday season coupled with being married, I imagine.  My mind wanders with very little effort, and I'm sure that my performance is lacking in several measurable areas. 

However, I have faith that this feeling will surrender itself after the holidays are spent, as Wife and I will begin counting down the days until Baby gets here.

It should be noted that I felt the baby kick this past week.  For those who have not yet felt this experience, I apologize.  It is a wholly remarkable feeling.  I've been quite jealous that Wife has felt these tremors lately, as I have waited quite patiently for this to become strong enough for me to feel.

Now, I can feel it whenever I want to (wife permitting).  I'm still excited and scared at the same time (cliché).   It depends on the day.  At times, I can picture it perfectly and serenely, holding the little infant in my arms and looking into his eyes.

And still other times, the more worrisome feelings creep into my head and I don't know how I'll keep up with things.

But in the end, the positive emotions always win, and I have faith in the fact that this baby will have the best parents possible.

Countdown status:  10 days.  Is everything in order?  We've still got ground to gain.  With that said, good look on your holiday endeavors, and I'll see you back here tomorrow morning.  Sorry, no picture tonight.  Tomorrow!

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