04 July 2007


A little late in the day, but still, it's December 5th.

And since this is probably going to be archived fairly soon, I'd imagine that this particular entry won't be widely read by everyone.  So, I suppose that I can write whatever I want, and no one will care!

It was a busy week.  Five days, completely non-stop.  From work, to fixing my friend's computers, I don't remember one moment when I wasn't doing something, somewhere.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow with great anticipation, as I have absolutely nothing on the agenda. 

Ah, time to spare.  Maybe a little bit of it will be spent on the Web site, maybe a little on catching up on a little TiVo'd television, probably a little shopping, and a whole lotta nothin'. 

I hope that the weekend greets all of you in the same regard.

If any of you haven't noticed, there's a new page link on this site.  It's called Flotsam, and it's where everything that I've already retired is going to wash up.  From old graphics to old outdated Web pages, you'll find it in there.  For those who have visited this site frequently, you may recognize a few pictures.  Warning:  Most of the links in those pages are very, very defunct.  You'll soon meet Mr. 404 if you wade around those pages for very long.

In other news:  My Wife's second ultrasound is next Tuesday.  Mark your calendars, because there will be quite an entry that day.

Have a great weekend!  May yours last as long as mine.


It's beginning to be quite difficult to come up with enough literature to fill up an entire entry.  My job takes up most of the time, and not much happens there anyway.  And besides, whatever interesting information I have from that sphere of life can't really be written online, as I could somehow get fired for it.

Lately, my nights have been taken up, as well.  I'd love to sit down for an hour or two and really hammer out some thoughts on life at this moment.  I want to paint a vivid picture for any who read this on a diurnal basis.

But that simply cannot be.  I have too much going on, and not enough of it is important enough to mention, really.  I expect things to pick up, but that may leave me with less time to write and more time to enjoy what I'm doing.

Is that a curse?  Of course not.  It just means that whatever scribble you see here might just be nothing more than what you read tonight.

An entry for the sake of the blog!  Promise kept.  See you tomorrow!


Guess what?  I found Autumn.

It's residing in this lonely tree, right outside of my apartment complex.  I would imagine that this image will be nothing more than ephemeral, as it could be 90 degrees come tomorrow.

Oh, and for any of you who may have realized my mistake of assumption yesterday, I apologize.  Apparently, my spellchecker will pass anything with that may be hyphenated.  No, really...watch!

Zippy-gyro. (no problems!)

Nike-Reebok.  (not an issue!)

Ryan-David. (nice!)

Enough of that.  I spent another hour at the mall tonight, and I didn't manage to make much head-way.  Or maybe I'm simply writing this so that I can mislead my wife into believing that I didn't purchase anything?  Hmm, interesting, interesting.  Now all she can do is wonder.  (or, she could just ask me...I can't lie to that pretty face of hers)

In other news:  Google has finally combed over my site in its entirety.  Go ahead, try it!  I'll bet you find plenty of random links you didn't even know existed.  Gone are the days of defunct links and 404 errors.

Sorry, that's all I have for December 3rd.  I'm tired, been up since 6:00am, and I still need to do the laundry.  See you tomorrow! 


First of all, you are very lucky. (or unlucky, as the case may be)

If I had a digital camera, I'd be following suit of James Lileks' site right now.  For the entire month of December, he's on hiatus from the Bleat.  Instead, he is giving his readers their fill of photographs and other assorted mish-mash.  (spell checker didn't find a problem with the word "mish-mash".  Spectacular!)

Good news this past weekend:  I managed to inflict a major dent in the holiday shopping list.  I'd love to give everyone the run-down of everything purchased, however; my wife is an avid reader of my site, and that would ruin all of the fun.  Suffice it to say that Target is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

To word it very delicately, it simply has everything.  I spent two hours at the mall and came up very shorthanded.  But just one hour at Target gave me loads of ideas.  What a boon! 

Other good news:  The cat is no longer sick.  Wait...that really isn't that good of news.  Now, instead of sleeping at nights, he runs around our room like a sugar-injected 5 year old.  He also eats like 78 times per day now, too.  I don't want a fat cat...so maybe I should stop feeding him bacon.

But it wasn't MY fault that he ate the bacon grease.  He did that of his own volition.

Hmm....nothing but good news today, I guess.  I reckon that I can spice this entry up a bit with a dash of bad news-salty-flavor, but that simply wouldn't be conducive to the Christmas Spirit.

And if anyone has wondered where the Blog was yesterday, my apologies.  The holiday season will probably provide less time for writing, and I fully expect the entries to become a bit more emaciated as the 25th approaches.  But I make a promise:  No more missed entries.

So, that's it.  See you tomorrow!


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