04 July 2007

11/27/03 (Turkey Day)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Good news:  I didn't get sick.  So, I suppose that I over-exaggerated a bit.

Since today is a day off, I don't expect to say much.  When I awoke this morning, I decided that I should put a little bit of effort into this, though...since I have some free time this morning (rare).  Wife is out hiking with her mom right now, I would have gone, but my prohibits such activity at this time.

So, it's officially the time that we can begin listening to Christmas carols, donning our lights on the front porch, and (hopefully) start behaving a bit more kind toward our fellow men.  Oh yes, and we have to start shopping, too.

Now that I'm married, it's a lot different.  When I was single, I had the same people to shop for: Mom, Dad, brothers and sister.  A few friends along the way, too...but now, I have to shop for Wife.  I'm not saying that it's a chore in any way, but can you imagine the stress that's involved in an undertaking of this measure?

Couple that pressure with the fact that she says that she has so many ideas for gifts for me.  It makes me wonder if the ideas that I have for her are adequate?  I reckon so, but practically every hour of the day, I am pondering several different gifts for her in my head.

You see, I want it to be perfect.  Any suggestions?

The most peculiar song began playing on the radio...Neil Diamond's version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  Isn't he Jewish?  Not that that is a reason why he shouldn't sing Christmas carols, it's just....rare.  Well, I suppose that paved the way for Barbara Streisand to sing them, too... (shudder)

Well, that's more than plenty for today.  Again, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and please, kick this holiday season off right.  Be a little kinder, share a bit more of yourself to others, and put a can of food in a donation bin.  And no canned beets.  Make it something the kids will enjoy!


Today: Sick and Star Wars.

Here we go!  It's right on time.  I feel myself coming down with something, and oh, look...it's one day before Thanksgiving.  This means that I get to spend my Turkey Day feeling scratchy and stuffy again.  I think this makes eight years in a row, solid.

But, maybe I'm overreacting. I started to feel the customary twinge in the throat when I woke up this morning, and by afternoon, my head was pounding
four-alarm style.   I simply have that whole-bodied yuckiness that leads to a cold...and by the looks of people around me at work, this cold season ain't pretty.

Enough of that.  I just finished watching Star Wars:  Clone Wars.  For those not yet introduced to this title, it is a series of five minute episodes, which detail the events between Episode two and three.

It's a marvelous display of animation.  From the beginning of the series, straight till the end, you can view the immense galaxy of Star Wars the way that it was meant to be seen. 

Most notably, in the final (for now) episode, you find out exactly why Anakin Skywalker is described as a "brilliant pilot".  He swoops and dodges enemy fighters, constructs immensely intricate maneuvers, and brings down entire enemy strong holds with his trained mind.

Sadly, they have taken down the ability to view past episodes from their Web site, but rest assured that they will be back up in Spring of 2004, which is also when the final ten episodes will air on the Cartoon Network.

I think I'm going to fight this cold off with a bit of bed rest.  Until next time, keep checking back...I sense new changes afoot...


Fairly quiet day, if I do say so myself.

In fact, it was so quiet that I really haven't much to say.  Wife made me my favorite dish tonight, I believe that I've mentioned them before.  She makes the most delicious chicken enchiladas I have ever tasted (and I've eaten quite a few).

Work today was much the same, except it went by very slowly.  I expect that this is because I only have two more days of work left until Thanksgiving, or Dia De Pollo.  I can remember back when I was serving my mission in New York City, around this same time of year.  I was so sick with the Flu, I couldn't move, I couldn't eat, I couldn't even talk. 

I still believe till this day that I contracted that nasty virus from the wonderful health clinic where I received my Flu vaccination.  I don't believe that I'll ever try one of those again, thank you very much!

Anyway, I must be off...sorry about the extreme shortness of my entries lately.  I expect to have some lengthier entries later on in the week, and I'll be sure to write about all of the Turkey Day happenings.  Oh, on a sad note, this will be the first year ever that I do not participate in the Turkey Bowl.

More later!


My apologies!  Welcome to the "lunch time" edition of the Blog.  Special note:  You will find no great entertainment here today.

I simply knew that I needed to write today.  There isn't anything in specific that needs to be written, but this is simply just in case there are any of those out there that check this blog after the weekend is over.

Wife and I saw the Cat in the Hat movie this weekend, or should I say, the Crap in the Sack movie.  Big pile of flaming Crap in the Sack.  It was terrible.  That's the only way to describe it, really...it was terrible.  Every time the Cat (aka Mike Myers) opened his mouth, my mind was sent into reparatory prayer.  Please, please make him stop talking.  Please....

And so on.  Sure, there were a few funny moments, but I can drivel out a few laughs of my own on this blog.  And they don't cost a dime!

Free laughs!  Now at the Blog!

Anyway, that was the weekend summed up in one bad movie.  Only one other thing of note, last night I had the strangest dream.

There were two ingredients to this dream:  A dog and a crab.

Cross these two items together and you get a very disturbing hairy sea creature.  In my dream, I went to my friends house to talk to them.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a strange looking object. 

"Oh, never mind that.  That's just my dog", said my friend.

So I walked over to it, naturally, and found the greatest offense against nature.  It had the body of a dog, the claws of a crab, and it was sunk low to the ground with little crab feet.  And it was hairy.

Well, don't know where I'm going with that.  Now, time to call the wife.  See you on Tuesday!


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