04 July 2007


Ok, since I didn't post on Thursday, I'll give you all a special treat.  It's more than a weekend edition of the Blog, oh yes.

It's my first song.

It may only be :57 seconds long, it may not be composed of the greatest sounds.  And it just may beat into your head like a bag of hammers.

But here it is.  Enjoy!


Sorry about yesterday...

I was preparing to write last nights' entry, when all of a sudden, *poof* the power went out.  It was an incredibly eerie feeling; we've never seen it that dark at our apartment.  Even when all of our lights were out, we always had the lamps outside shining through our windows.

As the lights went dark, several hoots and hollers were heard from the adjacent apartment buildings.  I looked outside, alarmed.  "Oh, it's just the neighbor boys!", I said. 

I now know that a power failure must be an invitation for young men to begin acting like loons.

At least 10 of them ended up jumping in the neighboring pool.  When they realized that, "Hey, it's just a power outage, and we're cold", they finally shut up and got out.

So the rest of the evening was spent in stillness and candlelight.  Wife and I played cards, well, we played "Go Fish" to be specific.  Go Fish is now Wife's favorite game to play with me.  Did I mention that she's never won?  But it's her favorite game.

Oh yeah.  Dobby completely wrecked our Christmas tree two nights ago.  He decided that it was his new play thing, so he climbed through and through.

What was left was not pretty.

So, he's on my bad list at the moment.  And he knows it, too.  He sulks around the house, occasionally glancing up at me, begging to see a glimmer of recognition that he's a good kitty.   But every time, I give him the look that makes him understand that he's in the dog house.  Pardon my language.

And such is life for us.  I hope that you've enjoyed tonight's entry.  But now, I must ask a favor of you.  If anyone knows of a good software program that will let me create my own MP3 songs, please let me know.  (Make sure that it's under $100.00)

Ah, a good excuse for you to Contact me.


Ok, not so tired today.

But I have a surprise for you:

The wife persuaded me (like it took much effort) to decorate the Christmas tree this evening. 

So, we're a little early.  I can think of a few friends (ahem, Eric?) that would be less than pleased with my premature celebration of Navidad.  That's ok, old boy.  There's only 36 days left.



I'm sorry.  I can't really think straight tonight.  I'm mind numbingly drained today.  I had big plans for my site, I was really going to go to town on a few pages.  But the minute hand paced by quicker than my will, and that will definitely take its toll on my ol' blog.

At least it's not a one-word entry, because I was going to simply leave it at the first line.

News:  Sting announced his new Tour.  Three minutes later, the site went down.  But for some reason, I doubt that it was because of a flood of traffic.  Rather, I suspect a very poorly designed Web site and an e-mail newsletter that was sent out prematurely.  Hmm.  So as of 9:01pm, I still have no clue of when Sting is to perform here in Arizona.

In other news:  Strong Bad has finally put my feelings into song.

Sheesh. I just read James Lileks' entry for today, and it appears to be a two parter.  More tomorrow!  What I would give to have enough verbiage for a decent one-parter.  But that's ok; my brother assures me that I should be there someday.  And I trust him, because I've trusted him before and it hasn't gotten me into too much trouble.

That's it for today, I'm afraid.  Sorry to disappoint.  But I'll be back tomorrow, and hopefully eight hours of sleep richer.


Darn it.

I was going to provide you with yet another amusing Sunday picture of Dobby, but apparently, my cell phone provider has black-balled me.  Access denied.  How humiliating.

My wife is in the other room watching "boy TV".  It's not any particular show, rather, a type of show.  I believe the one she is watching now is called "Maximum Exposure".  You know the type.  It's basically Cops.  Boy TV is anything with stuff caught on tape.  Car crashes, hostage situations, people's trousers falling south in public, etc.

So, why is my wife watching it?  Cause she's cute.  Why else?

It was quite the uneventful weekend, but I think some of you may have realized what I learned how to do:  I made a pop-up advertisement appear on my Web site.  Yes, I have joined the unholy ranks of the annoying.  Can you blame me?  Not many have decided to ask for a free e-mail address, and I simply wanted to ensure that I had my fair warning out there.

Wife and I decided to alter our choice of grocery stores this time around.  We've been stuck on Albertsons for the past couple of months, and truthfully, we haven't been fond of their selection.  So, we ventured over to Fry's, and were more than pleased.  As my Wife put it, there's enough of any one thing to find at least something you need on sale.  And that's the truth.

And what made me happy was they let me bag my own groceries.  Ok, ok, they didn't have a bagger and probably wanted me to bag 'em.  But when I went to <unnamed store> last time, the bagger actually snarled and informed me that he could lose his job (or some nonsense) if I helped him bag.  I thought he was kidding, and continued bagging contently. 

"No, really.  I can get in trouble if you keep doing that." said Unhappy Bagger Boy.

Oooook.  Sure.

Long story short, I like to bag my own groceries.  Especially since they put my bleach in the same bag as my eggs.  Really smooth.

Alright.  That's done.  Off to bed, more later this week.  Any suggestions?


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