Today:  An extra special weekend edition of the blog, in all its glory!

Well, I put some of the finishing touches on my Professional Web site today.  For any of you who may pass by this site, please tell me what you think!  Additionally, I would appreciate any word-of-mouth advertising that you could offer. 

This morning, I left for Petsmart on my scooter to purchase Dobby some essentials, i.e. litter and food, and upon my arrival back at home, I found a small kitten outside of my door.  Coincidence?  I doubt it!  I took him inside, bathed him, tried to feed him (at least, I think it was a he?), and dried him all up. 

He attacked Dobby.  Wrong thing to do.

So, I took him to a shelter.  But now, I have a problem.  I want another kitty.   And I think Dobby deserves a friend too, with Wife and I being gone so often.

Anyway, so please, refer someone to the site. If you want business cards, put in a request here, and I'll mail them promptly!  Have a good weekend!