Wife and I appear to be coming down with something.  Alas, straight to bed.


No time to really write, I'm afraid.  Since yesterday was my four month anniversary, I had more important things to attend to.  See you tomorrow!



Four months!  06/28/03 - 10/28/03!

Happy anniversary, sweetie.  I love you!

You've made me the happiest man alive.


Today was much of the same at work, except we decided to help our San Diego because of all of the fires.  I genuinely feel badly for the folks who have lost their homes, but I do not feel an ounce of remorse for those poor souls who complain that they can't have their cable installed because the technician can't drive
through a wall of flame.  Pity.  I felt the same way about those in North Carolina who expected our technicians to drive through the swelling ocean to get to their boat, er, home.

Remember back in 198x, as kids, we would sit in front of the television and watch our wonderful Saturday morning cartoons?  Mind you, this was before the era of Japanese animation, so Saturday morning was a little
more tolerable.  So, during these cartoons, we kids would anticipate the strangest commercials.  I had one brought back to me the other day:

"Don't drown your food! In mayo or ketchup or goo (yuck!)
It's no fun to eat what you can't even SEE! So don't drown your food!"

Now that I'm an adult, and I'm overly cynical about a few more things, I have to wonder what the purpose of that commercial was.  As far as I remember, it was
a little potato or scrap of some non-edible drawing, dancing around singing how we shouldn't sauce our vegetables.  Hmmmm....I doubt the severity of that particular dilemma of society.

I suppose the FDA or some hoo haw might have seen an epidemic striking the children of America that I didn't see.  Perhaps tens of thousands of elementary school children would perform a daily ritual of pouring 96 ounces of Heinz 57 sauce all over their goods each lunch time, crying prayers of sacrifice to the gods of white bread and cheese.

Or, perhaps even more believable, the network execs needed to fill a couple of extra 30 second time slots, and this commercial (and others like it) fulfilled the requirement for educational programming in the mornings.

Phew, that was a long drawn out piece about nothing. 

In other news, Kobe Bryant was a little miffed yesterday about a few of Shaq's comments, which he directed solely at the Wonder Boy.  

Kobe lashed back by stating,  "He is not my quote unquote ‘big brother,’ "  All that I have to say is that Kobe better mind his manners.  Perhaps all Mr. Bryant needed back in July was a "big brother" to tell him to keep his hands to himself, and his adultery to a minimum. 

Poor guy.  Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow, and hopefully my writing will be more coherent and entertaining. 



Welcome to a new week of blogginess.  (I created a word, today hey hey)

It looks like the site is in full swing now.  With a little bit of luck, I hope to have a little bit of business flow from this.  This weekend, Wife and I had more free time to ourselves than usual, so we hit the favorite spots.  Olive Garden, Hungry Howies, and of course, Best Buy.

My wife is a dear.  And when I say a dear, I am trying to illustrate that she is the most thoughtful, kind, and loving person I know.  This short story must begin with the understanding that my cell phone was in dire straits.  Utter despair, I mean, for crying out loud, the last legs of cell-phone-ness.

So on Saturday night, the last straw.  My charger broke while it was still in the cell phone.  Thing weren't really going smoothly for me that night anyway, I had tried using the barbeque outside of my apartment for the first time, and I couldn't figure out the blasted starting mechanism.  No matter, inside the house I went with the meat.  Wife suggested we use the George Foreman grill. 

Once bite was enough for me.  It tasted like burnt ashes.  Oh, there were a few other happenings  that went totally awry, but we don't need to go into them.  Suffice it to say that the cell phone incident placed me firmly over the edge.

My wife decided, spur of the moment, to take me to Best Buy (my favorite store!) and get me a brand new cell phone.  This was the one that I had been craving for the longest time.  So here it is, and now, I share with you a picture of my cat, courtesy of my nifty camera phone.