04 July 2007


I decided to listen to some Police CD's tonight. Man, this is fine, fine material. I'd prefer at this moment to have some old 45's to listen to, but I'd imagine only my brother would have access to those. I think that I'm missing out on something in the music by listening to it in digitally encoded bits.

Long day at work today. And by that, I mean, long with nine "o's". Wife is at work again tonight, so I get to hang out with the cat. Ho hum. There is only so much entertainment one can experience with a hyper kitten. I came home tonight to a ball of yarn strewn about the house in the shape of the Star of David, I'm wondering if the cat is trying to tell me something.

As a side note, you should never try to spray PAM on your oven rack. The end result is not pretty, and involves a great deal of smoke. Consider this: I learned my lesson the hard way. And my pizza tasted like plastic.

I finally got my hands on the new DVR unit that my employer has been touting for the past four months. It's quite a nice piece of equipment, and I'm sure Wife and I will enjoy the recording features. 50 hours of digitally recorded content ought to save just about 100 Simpsons episodes, but that's only if I had it my way. Actually, now that I think about, the Simpsons holds the same influence over her mind too.

The cat just jumped up into my arms, which is making my typing very labored and difficult. That's my cue to end tonights little blog. Plus, he's right in front of my face now, and I can't se wht I m tyogng. Good nght. See ou next week!


Run acstatus.exe

Air Conditioner Status checker V 2.0 .......

All systems nominal. Have a nice day.

End Program

For those of you out there that don't speak nerd, that means that my air conditioning unit is now working fine. The problem found? Blown fuse up on the roof. Time spent fixing it: Approximately 15 minutes. Minutes late to work? Approximately, no wait; exactly 3 minutes.

But I assumed it would come to that. The repair person (it happened to be a woman, it was) arrived unannounced at about 8:40 or so, and both Wife and I had to be off for our respective daily duties. But she assured us that it wouldn't be that long, that the problem probably lay up on the roof.

Long story (already too long), she replaced the filter, too. It seemed evolution had sprung from it's dusty depths, but she ended that with one fell swoop.

In other news: Error. Other news not found. Please check the name, and try your call again later. Message 3 4 5 2 4.



I have a headache.


That's all I have to say. When I awoke this morning, it was there, coasting along the crest of my neck, ready to pop upward into my skull. Around 9:30, this brain ache was in full effect, not relinquishing it's kung-foo grip on my poor noggin. Surely I'll hear about my performance at work (or lack thereof) tomorrow, because I simply couldn't convince my fingers to strike the keys for some reason. Why was that again? Oh yes.




Not much else is new in the world o' Burninghams, the apartment complex assured me that someone would be by during my lunch hour to remedy my air conditioning situation. Alas, no one arrived. I get home from work, and see a note on my front door. It said: (my comments in red)

Dear resident 1137: (How touching!)

Came to cook at alc not home no ple will ret. (really?)

The Apartment Complex
Maintenance Technician

Oh, OK. Then you did come to cook, something about alc, that's fine. I'll see you soon, I suppose.....


Air conditioner status: Continued disobedience toward functionality.

I'm also debating whether to stack my blogs from bottom to top, or vice versa. Such is what I'm trying to think about right now as I type. Surprisingly, i found it much tougher to get back into my daily blogging now.

I used to have a free mind when I wrote, I would extend myself into my blogs on a nightly basis. I really wanted something to be proud of; I wanted something that I could look back upon and be able to identify my exact state of mind at any one time.

James Lileks has a site that I strive to provide. Alas, I do not yet have the quirky style that that man possesses...I do not yet have the ability to observe the daily lives of individuals and extrapolate the tiniest details and turn them into cohesive literature.

But that man does, and soon, so soon, i wish to also.

Anyway, sorry about the site, it's still under construction on a daily basis. Tonight, Wife and I went to our friend's house for a birthday party. Complete family and friends were there, and it was nice to be invited to that setting. Amidst the raucous laughter and crying baby, I could feel the tight knit bonds that held my friend's family together.

It's the same feeling I get when I'm around my Wife. And quite frankly, that just makes me that much more excited for Baby. (until I gain knowledge on the gender of the child, they will be called by the name of "Baby")

So, that's it for now, much more later. Anybody need a Web site?


This week: Announcement, air conditioning, and recovery.

Brought back to the site by necessity, really.

Whenever I find out that anybody still checks this site, I feel a pang of guilt. Whenever they ask me to update it, for crying out loud, I feel a call of responsibility.

Also, I promised my wife that I would write more often. How about we start this week off with my news:

There (he/she) is. In that blurry little picture, you will find my fetura. Jenna and I are fully convinced that little critter is a boy, however we could still be surprised. We both would love a little girl, Jenna says that I only say that so that I can have a little daddy's girl. I have yet to argue that point.

Nevertheless, if this creation turns out male, you will not find any happier parents than we.

Other news: Our air conditioner broke, and it has not been the best weekend because of that. The remarkable thing is that it would matter normally, we're nearing the very conclusion of October. Why, it should be 80 degrees.

Nah, it's still in the lower 100's. Our Weather.

No matter, we don't need it right now. But the cat loves the tile right now. A lot.



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