04 July 2007


A little bit of extra time at work today…so….

Things have been slow. Overall, life seems to be pacing itself.
Getting ready for the long haul of winter…except that maybe life doesn’t realize I live in Arizona, and the winter here may not come
at all. The good thing is that I like autumn time in the southwest…
the air has a certain flavor in it that tells you the seasons have changed. You have to look for the subtleties of nature. Sure, the
trees look the same and temperature hasn’t dropped but a few degrees in the daytime, but the golf courses are all yellowed in anticipation for the winter rye and the nights are not so oppressive anymore.

In comparison, last year I still worked in the Canyon at this time.
I had the changing leaves, the chilly temperatures at nighttime and the assertion that the next rainstorm may leave us with a blanket
of pure white. But I don’t mind it now; anybody who lives here
knows that life in Arizona begins in October.

So, now im taking off for Utah, and it should be a great trip. My
sister just had her second...little Hadley Rebecca. When i return
from the Wasatch front i should have plenty of pictures of the lass which of course, i will post as soon as possible. I can't wait to
see the mountains again....

"Mountains, Gandolf! I want to see mountains!"

Anyway, someone once said,

"I’m not saying the blogs I read are good because they’re trivial. They’re not. But most good blogs I read display no sense of limitation; they’re not constrained by the need to be Important every time they approach the mike, so they develop a sense of personality much quicker than a newspaper columnist ever can. In 94 out of 100 cases this means the work is crap, but in the 6 out 100 it means you
get the sort of column newspapers will never run. Or could. Or should.

I'm still trying to decide where I'm at now? Have a great week! Sorry for the weak Wedge...I'll make it up in Pine Cones.


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