04 July 2007


"Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now."

I'm sorry, but it's a little crazy how much time can be consumed by a simple web site. I even gave myself a dead line, and i thought that i would work along until the moment of the release. Well, that didn't work out as planned, and instead, i waited until the very last moment and then!!!! i worked like gangbusters to get the page finished by October 1st.

It happened in high school, it happens in college, and by golly, I'll
do it in my spare time too...

Moving along, I'm really quite glad to get this done. The colors are solid, the pages are expandable and the design seems to go well with what i have. But trust me when i say this: It will be the last site redesign for at least....50 years, I'd imagine.


It still bugs me...the spell check in Microsoft Word still has no clue
how to auto-correct the word "I'm" when I misspell it. This wouldn't
be so bad, I guess, but you have to take into consideration the alternatives that it gives you in place of our oft-used contraction.
The first word on this list, well it's:


I'm still speechless. Help me, Webster. What is an Imp?

a : a small demon : FIEND b : a mischievous child : URCHIN

So, let's take this into context!

"Imp taking a greyhound, or the Hudson River Line...

Imp in a New York state of mind."

Thank you, Microsoft Word. Let me know when you've realized there are no Imps in a New York state of mind. Actually, having been there, there may be. I take it back.

Anyway, much has evolved on my little site. You will notice that I've redone the entire menu system...I realized that my menu buttons, while nice at first, demonstrate very little about what I've learned of designing websites. I've long coveted a simple drop down menu system, and have finally realized this goal. Now, I guess it's time to move it to every last page in my site. I know there must be a much simpler way, but Imp just not ready to read up on it.

So anyway, thank you a billion times for visiting the site and reading all of this nonsense. I'll always appreciate it, and you're always welcome to drop by anytime. Till next time!


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