04 July 2007


Mondays tend to throw the world at you.

All at once, too.

I woke up without the least bit of expectation for the day. Typical Monday, having stayed up again too late on the previous Sunday, hoping that my wife would wake up and join me in the Living room. No luck. So I awoke with that whole body yawn. Mind numbing yawn, it was. A yawn that didn't expect the woes of Monday.

It's never a good thing to find out that you haven't any health insurance, especially if you and your employer have spent a small fortune on it. Many phone calls later, you find out the root cause: Human error. You try to get mad, but you simply can't, because you find the same vulnerability in your mind.

The rest of the day was spent playing catch up; 400 e-mails to complete. See, last week, we played hero to the Eastern seaboard. All the while, we didn't realize that our own e-mails were locked in cyberspace, piling up until Merlin turned the key.

(twist) 60 messages, 70, 190, 340, 500. Down they fell! Expulsion from cyber-limbo!

Now the day winds down, the summer has finally cooled down enough for the windows to open in the evening. It finally smells like Autumn in my home now. Summer simply smells like one thing. And that one thing is whatever your air conditioner filter smells like.

I love Autumn time. You'll probably find a Halloween theme taking over a small section of this site soon.

Well, that's it, for now. Besides, my cat's going crazy. Goodnight.


Good evening, wherever you are.

It's been ages since i've written my material...mainly because there was simply too much to catch up on. In a nutshell:


I was married to a beautiful girl on June 28th, 2003. Remarkable girl, really, and what's more, she puts up with me. Everything. Every last bit. And I love her, and she loves me. What more could you ask for?

I'm well into year two at work now...and am now schooling my body through life. I attend Ottawa University with my wife, and I've chosen a major. I'll stick with secondary education...which is different than regular education, I suppose. I suppose a lot of things at 12:18 in the morning, really...especially shoddy, flung-together writing. Ho hum.

That'll be it for now, back later. I'll archive my previous stuff for you.



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