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Much to my delight, this evening was occasioned by a remarkable monsoon lightning storm.  It started out far to the east of us, and gradually built up energy before dumping a grand portion of rain on us.  There was lightning all over the sky; the thunder pounding with incredible permanence. 

In the middle of typing this blog, we were hit with yet another cell.  I jumped at the chance to take my camera and tripod outside once more to gather as much footage as I could.  I also yanked my laptop out and conferenced in my brother via MSN messenger; though the video quality was less than admirable, it was better than not experiencing and of the grandness of this event. 

I had the fortune of taking quite a few great pictures of the event.  Head on over to the photos section of the Web site to see my preliminary gallery.   I have also posted a rather lengthy video below, which details some of the more intense moments of the lightning storm. 

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