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Earlier this week, I was reminded how of how long this Web site has existed.  During a moment of free time at work, I surfed over to archive.org, a repository and record of almost every Web site ever created.  If you haven't visited, it's worth a glance.  You may just find something you've been looking for.

What surprised me is that this Web service seems to have forgotten about poor OTW.  The last time it crawled my site and recorded the frozen status in time was December 24th, 2007.  I'm not sure what I did to earn this site's ignorance.  Something tells me that it may have been my utter lack of updates since that point in time.  And as much as I'd love a total overhaul of the site, I just don't have it in me for now.  Plus, I still kind of like this iteration.  It's clean and easy to maintain.

My favorite design, I think, was this one.   It seems to have a lot to be desired, but I had the most fun with the site during those years.  Updates came nearly everyday, and the theme was easily changed to reflect both the season and my ever-changing mood.  Incidentally, the design was a straight copy of Blogger.com at that time.  I remember how petrified I was that someone would find out my little secret. 

Went to Super Target today.  Jenna, Sumner, SaraJane, and I, that is.  A family excursion, if you will.  Started out well enough.  You have to understand that we pass by a regular Target to get to this "Super" iteration.  Pass it by about 100 yards, I think.  So why did we keep going?  Not sure.  For that matter, I'm not sure why we visit Target so often.  Jenna and I have said before that it's our date night on more than one occasion.  What did we purchase on this trip?  Face wash, olive oil, dryer sheets, two cordless phones, a Halloween beanie for the baby, Tylenol, and cake mix.  Grand total?  $88.00.  It's always $88.00.  Leave Target spending less than that, and, well...fail.

It's hard to focus when your four year old constantly interrupts you.  There, I said it.

In other news, I'm pretty excited about the purchase of the two cordless phones.  What's so electrifying, you ask?  Oh, new technology, mainly.  I always get twitterpated by stuff like this.  But the fact that I can use these plain variety cordless phones with Skype?  Doubly cool.  I always hate the requisite 20 hour waiting period before you can begin using anything with a non-lithium polymer battery.  Battery-memory syndrome is the devil, I tells you. 

Listening to Coldplay's newest album.  Highly recommended.  

That's it for now.  I have to make the most of this weekend.  Check the Moblah'g often.  That is all.

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