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I took a break from writing because I had nothing to write.  Plenty to write about now, so let's get started, shall we?

Apple redesigned their iMac.
The XBOX 360 drops price, and adds HDMI
The Wii got an update and came close to, but not quite, practical
Bonds hit number 756* (dang, that asterisk felt good)

Those are the things that sticks out in my mind.  Hmm.  Best to go through each one, then.  Here goes!

Apple.  Does anyone else think that keyboard is terrible?  It can't just be me.  Yes, this is a bit off topic from the iMac redesign, but still...it comes packed in now.  It's reminiscent of the keyboard on my Macbook, and I hate that keyboard as well.  Just glancing at the new keyboard gives me the impression that typing on it might be similar to a Speak N Spell. 

It's obvious that Apple Inc emphasizes design over function; that point has been made for years, even when the iBook resembled a toilet seat and their taste was gently forced upon us.  But they seem to have reached an impasse with design and quality; items such as the iPhone go far beyond the utilitarian mode and have delved into the realm of insanity.  Soon, they will be forcing us to control our devices with gestures.  I can only imagine the level of frustration, rising to the point where I throw it the bird and finally convince it to go into standby. 

Xbox 360.  I've been waiting for this announcement for a while.  Most analysts saw it coming, yet again, if enough of them sound their trumpet long enough, it all turns into background noise on the waves of the InterWebs.  When their predictions come to fruition, we can only nod in affirmation at the recollection that someone, somewhere thought of it before and it had to be "that guy". 

Anyway.  So the Xbox, which I consider to be far superior in almost every way to the Playstation 3, received its first price drop since arriving in late 2005.  I wouldn't go so far to call it a bargain...at $350.00, it's still way out of reach of most cost-conscious consumers (alliteration!).  Not only the price drop, but confirmation came late Wednesday that any unit built after July 4th, 2007 comes standard with the famed (and useful) HDMI port.  As the ubiquity of HDTV's marches on, the inclusion of this connection standard can only be a boon. 

The Wii.  I came home on Tuesday night to the mellow beckoning of that cool blue light on the front of my Wii.  This could only mean one thing; an update was ready for download and I needed to jump on it.  I love the age of connectivity, where my devices receive new life-blood months and years after I purchase them.  With my finicky, impulsive buying habits, features that grant extended interest in gadgetry are great thing. 

Alas, this update was mostly geared toward stability and thwarting piracy, rather than adding features like previous updates had been.  Still, a few neat things managed to squeak through, such as the aforementioned USB keyboard support and a more streamlined Virtual Console shopping experience.   I'm still pretty hopeful that all of the things I dreamed about the Wii will come true; the Nintendo DS connectivity, downloadable demos, and DVD playback are just a few of them.  Nintendo has a good thing going with the Wii; let's hope they don't screw it up.

756* The Duke of Doping shirtBonds.  What a jerk.  I want this t-shirt.   I don't need all of the stuff on the back, though.  I just need the 756 with the asterisk.  That'd be great.

I just don't get him.  I don't get professional athletes, to be concise.  Mr Bonds is the epitomy, nay, the embodiment of the loss of focus on the American fan.  Instead, it's a fascination with SportsCenter and Rome is Burning.  There's no publicity to these men.  Whatever it takes. 

And he's a liar too.  Boldface.  Times New Roman font. 

And I don't really feel any empathy for the record, either.  People have had ample opportunity to speak up and make a stand against this debauchery.  True, it's not Hank Aaron's responsibility, but it's his record, and now it's gone.  Asterisk or not, the MLB let Bonds keep playing and will parlay judgment until after retirement.  Whatever.

I have a few more things to say, but the hour grows late and my penchant for typing decreases with each passing minute.  That, and I really should pace myself and save a few articles for the weekend, when I actually have time for the Web site.  Thanks for dropping by, and if the tone of the blog seems somewhat somber, I apologize.  We've hit the home stretch of summer and I have a large vacation approaching, so my mind is elsewhere. 

As always, the Moblah'g stands ready to satisfy your cravings for daily reading.  Head on over! 

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