23 March 2009


I've got myself a box of Mike and Ike's (or is it Mike's and Ike's?  If so, what do they possess?), so I'm good for now.  It's nice to have a few moments to myself; for the past few days after we returned from the cabin, there has been little time to stop and reflect.  There is still much laundry to do, a few more rooms to clean, grocery shopping, and then we can relax.  All in due time.

Yet another day when it did not reach above 100 degrees; weather man doesn't give tomorrow much of a chance to keep that trend going.  I was certain that we'd come home from California to immense heat, after all, it's not easy leaving this type of temperature in July.

But, I've gotten ahead of myself.  It wasn't like that the whole time.  That was taken on the third day we were there.  The wife and I were leaving the local grocery store in Lake Arrowhead and noticed the clouds rolling in over the tops of the trees, brushing through the forest like cheap hairspray.  It was beautiful, and that picture doesn't show a fraction of it.

Like I said, I got ahead of myself.  On the second day there, we visited Lake Gregory in the morning hours.  Lucky thing too, because that afternoon is when the mercury fell and we were left with what felt like Autumnal weather.  I promised you pictures, did I not?  And here they are.

Entering Lake Gregory

A tree?

Looking North



Body boards, anyone?


He was having a pretty good time...

Good thing Grandma brought toys

We had more pictures of all of us, but those are on the parents and grandparents cameras, so we have a small chance of ever seeing those.  At least not on this Web site, anyway.

Hmm, what's over there?

A Sumner-sized chair


A Blue Jay

A Blue Jay (boring)

I finally pulled over for the view...

And it was foggy.

Very foggy.

Sumner loves to drive

Windows Vista? Not quite.

The Village (non scary movie version)

More of The Village

My new shoes!

Too bad I left them at the cabin...

More of the fog rolling in...

I wanted to give him a bigger sucker, but Jenna wouldn't have it.

Yes! Victory!

So there you go, promise kept.  We had a good time overall at the ol' cabin, but the weekend trips are always too short.  I'd like to spend more time exploring the subtleties of the smaller towns and become aquianted with a bit more of the history.  Perhaps next time, but only if I can tear myself away from my loving wife.  All I usually want to do is loaf around the cabin with her and eat ice cream. 

And alas, I was supposed to be in Utah right now.  I'm not there because, surprise, work is simply too busy right now.  But the deal is that I can go once we catch back up.  Trouble is that we haven't been caught up in months.  Ho hum.  There will come a time, surely. 

But wait!  There's more!  How about some bonus pictures from tonight, when we went to the park per Sumner's wishes.

I still can't believe he's big enough to climb up.

And down the slide...


Playin' around.

This looks pert dangerous to me...

Hey Sumner!

I love this picture!

That's enough for one week, certainly.  I still have much to do tonight, the laundry beckons and folding is so much fun.  Till next time, enjoy.


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