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Just a quick note before I head off to bed.  I've been fighting some sort of illness for the past week or so; whether due to the lack of sleep or the stress of returning to my job, I know not.  I'm tired most of the time, and my eyes are bleary from pink-eye.  Who knows why I'm sitting in front of the computer.

Jenna and the baby are doing great!  Little SaraJane is getting bigger all the time.  Once a mere 6 lbs, she has grown a full pound and a half in the three weeks we've known her.  Her cheeks are chubby, her legs are filling out, and she eats all the time.  She doesn't give her mommy a moment of sleep it seems.  I don't remember Sumner being this unadjusted to sleeping hours, but my memory seems to be temporarily failing me lately anyway.

We're thinking of planning a small trip to Utah in August, but alas, it could be wishful thinking.  Work is too busy for me to take off yet again.  We'll see what happens in the near future. 

That's about all for now.  Sorry for the short post.  I'll keep the link up for you!

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