23 March 2009


Wife and child are away in Mesa for the night, so that spells trouble for me.  Nights like these consist of me moping around the house just long enough to drive myself crazy and amusingly depressed.  I end up creating a new playlist for the iPod and head for the car, destined to drive...somewhere.

I took my camera this time, with good intentions of using it.  It being nighttime, I really didn't think I'd catch any great photo opportunities.  Might as well experiment anyway, right?  It ended up not mattering a bit anyway, the batteries were completely flat.  Ho hum.  Off to Wal-Mart!

I wasn't anywhere close to a Wal-Mart by this time, and I was well into song number 4 on my play list. (Linger, Cranberries.  Reminds me of the dances I used to go to when I was 14.  Enough random memories)  I headed up north of town to the newest store that opened up on Happy Valley Road, passing by my best friend's house on the way, of course. 

Buy batteries, blah blah blah, a couple of boxes of cereal, yeah yeah.  I don't know where I'm going with this entry, you know?  I just felt the need to write something while I was driving around.  It just seems like I need some sort of catharsis this evening, but when I don't know what demons I'm driving out, it makes purging difficult, to say the least. 

I did see something that just made me sad at the store tonight, though.  Stuck between the Frosted Flakes and Crispix cereals was a whole cooked chicken, wrapped in plastic, ready to be eaten.  Some jerk decided it wasn't worth their time to take this back to the eatery and just left it in the middle of the aisle to rot.  This made me sad because it's just one more reason why I'm sick of Americans lately. 

What other reasons do I have?  Please, that's for another night's writings, when I have about 490% more energy. 

I'm listening to Mana now, and it's proving to be a bit difficult to write in English while listening to a song in Spanish.  Good song, though.  Definitely reminds me of when my friend Jake got home from his mission in Chile and we drove around in his dad's 2001 Camaro SS.  Good times, good times.

And now, Black by Pearl Jam popped onto the play list, and my brother in law Matt sent me an instant message to tell me that I was listening to a great song.  Well said, Matt, well said.  In fact, this song reminds me of him and his older brother, as well.  Listened to it while I was on a campout with the latter back in 94, I did.  I could probably keep rambling about each song on my playlist, but I probably shouldn't.

On a final note, I finished reading the entire Hitchhiker's Trilogy a few days ago, so I treated myself to the movie last night.  The first time I saw it, I saw it in the theatre with my wife and a few friends.  I had some pretty high expectations for it, since I had read the book quite a few times since I was 13.  I walked out terribly disappointed, but unjustly so, because now having seen it a few more times, I realize how brilliantly they infused Douglas' ideas and character into the movie.  Strongly recommended.

That's all for me, I'm gonna attack one of the boxes of cereal I bought tonight.  Always a treat to write, and a honor to be read.  Till next time!


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