04 July 2007


So I lied, and I will write a little bit tonight. I felt a little adventurous tonight and drove to Barnes and Noble. Looking at my collection of books, i think i must have read them all at least twice, if not a good number of times more.

One thing about my book reading habits is that i rarely tread outside the comfort zone that i have built in my readings. It's either sci-fi or straight fiction. So tonight, while perusing the sci-fi section, i found a book (with the help of my friend Heather) called Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Why is has two writers, i don't really know, but it perked my interest because of New York Times' quotable..."A direct descendant of The Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy". Bam. Sold me.

Oh, i also bought the Star Wars trilogy.   I had to.  I have it in my blood.

I'll be going to disneyland again this weekend, again i say, the last time i was there was in March and oh boy what fun i had...i went on zero rides and spent a grand total of 3 hours there. Let's hope they aren't renovating half of the rides this time around. But hey, as long
as Star Tours is open, i'm happy as a clam. (in my blood, star wars is...)Well see if i can get some pictures up. We'll see. I may have already doomed myself, having made that statement. We'll see.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't see Men in Black II. It's very...not good. Extremely opposite of goodness. The antithesis of well made
and thought out movies. That is all.



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