23 March 2009


It was just a week, ok?  Not too long to be away from the world of blogging.  Let's see...there was the Fourth of July, that's a pretty good excuse, and I finally went back to work full time after nearly, no wait, exactly two months.  I had a bit on my plate, so forgiveness must be in order.  It's granted?  Then we move on.

Before I start with the weekend explanation, I must tell you something.  A few months ago, I gave the wife a copy of Tetris.  Two weeks ago, I stole said cartridge from her and called it my own.  Shady.  But slowly, surely, I climbed the records and managed to pull over 1,080 lines in that game.  Yeah.  That's a lotta lines, but nowhere near the world record.  And I haven't any idea what it is, but suffice it to say that some people just don't. ever. quit.

Enough of that.  We had a superb weekend, with Friday night designated solely as a night for grocery shopping.  The destination for shopping was predicated upon the choice/price of the cereal, and let me tell you, Fry's lost by a wide margin.  I always knew that I had certain price point tolerance for boxes of cereal, and I found out exactly what that was on Friday.  We could find no more than two boxes of cereal priced below the $3.00 mark.  Ok, two boxes of worthwhile cereal.

So in the middle of the aisle, I fretted for nearly five minutes where to go.  I knew that Alberston's had a fine sale on cereal-stuffs, but I also felt that the other-stuffs selection there left much to be desired.  Super Wal-Mart?  Fantastic place, great prices.  But whenever I go there I have the hardest time deciding between a loaf of bread and a 32" LCD Television.  Tough choice, I know.  I'm a silly American.  (I'm kidding, but only about the decision.  I stand firm that I am, in fact, a silly American)

Then, the wife proposed an interesting alternative: The Wal-Mart Marketplace.  I had never been there before, but apparently, it was Super Wal-Mart without all those fantastic nasty techno-distractions.  It was decided then.

Standard stuff really, although I was fairly disappointed by the prices.  The wife disagrees with my quite heartily, but I found the prices to be slightly, but not entirely, higher than Super Wal-Mart's.  There were several items to be admired though, such as the beverage center at the entrance to the store.  Not much selection at the fountain, but you pay on the honor system!  It begs you to, in fact.  Drop $.50 in the bucket and take your beverage.  I loved it.  I didn't use it, but I loved it.

We filled two shopping carts that night (we really were out, out, out of food) and wife and I played the usual game of "how much money did we spend?"  I guessed $175.00, while Jenna was a bit less (or is it more?) conservative with an estimate of $195.00.  It's a fun game, you should honestly play it each time you go to the store, but only if you're really bad guessers.  The grand total was (drum roll) just over $161.  The merriment!  We were just blessed with extra cash! Not really, but it felt grand.

Enough about Friday.  On to Saturday.

As I sit here, I wonder to myself why we chose Saturday's particular destination, especially considering the mountain of cash we had already spent at Wal-Mart, and extra-especially considering my aforementioned fascination with electronic distractionary flo-blap.

Yes, we went to Costco.  The only place where you have to decide between a 10 piece table and chairs, a 42 lb carton of Mayo, and a bitchin' 50" plasma.  And they all cost the same amount of money.

Oh, we went to take back our vacuum cleaner. 

Short side story about the vacuum cleaner, because this entry is already nauseatingly long and obtuse.  I heard the belt slip, I knew it slipped, but I kept vacuuming for just too long and I MELTED the dang thing. 

Let's just say that Costco is really, really great about taking stuff back.  The lady didn't even want to hear my story.  (I can't understand why?)

And Sunday?  Well, Sunday was spent in bed, because I'm still recovering from this darn surgery.  The boy is now in bed, and my wife is off studying and learning.  Great gal.  Love her to pieces, I do. 

That's all for this week, may each of you find time to do something in the interest of Summer time.  Oh, and never forget the Archives page.  Never know what you'll read about there!


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