04 July 2007


I can't believe it's been so long again. I do try, honestly, to write whenever possible but life seems to get carried away every so often. Full time jobs do not often allow for full creativity, especially in the
hot summer months when all you want to do after work is get as
cool as you can as fast as you can.

I yearn for rain; but i do not see it yet on the horizon. So we wait in patient respect for the rain to come to our beleaguered state. I haven't even had the courage to visit the salt river yet this summer, i can only imagine that i wouldn't have much to see anyway.

Let's begin with the fourth, shall we? I still look forward to that day, i have ever since i was a young child. Sure, when i was a kid we were actually able to create our own pyrotechnic display...and i loved
when my dad would let me run out into the middle of the street to light off one of our many fountains or flowers or even a boring black "glow worm".

Those were unique, it didn't matter if it was a regular worm, a glow worm, or a colored worm, it all looked like black soot and it smelled absolutely terrible from start to finish.

I really shouldn't try and redesign the site midway through writing. I have now completely lost my train of thought, if there ever really was one, i guess. You really ought to see the sunset outside right now...i just took a picture but it really didn't do it justice. That's one thing that Arizona has. Sunsets painted just like God intended.

I'm out of things to write.....again. Take care.



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