Good morning, and welcome to the Fourth of July, a day to be spent reflective upon the foundation of our country, those who sacrificed for it, and of course, to try and blow a small portion of it sky-high.

That is, unless you live in Arizona.  I don't believe we've had rainfall in months.  That leaves the state absolutely dried up, though that has no meaning on the yearly 'works.  Speaking of rainfall, most habitants here are patiently waiting for the annual monsoon storms.  I snapped this picture in late May, and had the false hope that we might begin receiving the storms two months early:

Yes, I know the picture would have been immensely better had those cell towers not been smack in the middle, but that's the way it is living in the city.  I was quite disappointed to find those towers so close to our little community of houses.

I digress.  Ever since I moved to Arizona in 1990, all forms of fireworks have been illegal.  Oh, we'll see some tonight, brought to you by some large display by the city of Surprise, but you know it's never the same.  There's something about lighting that fuse and getting the heck out of dodge.  I take heart knowing that other states have not banned the art of colorful gunpowder just yet; it means that if we ever do move from this state someday, we may just be able to enact our own glorious display of pyrotechnic delight.

As you may have noticed, I did manage to fix this page so that it behaves half-way normal.  The clickable calendar has been destroyed as it was too hard to manage.  Whenever I moved it, it would blow up the entire table, both where I moved to it, and where I moved it from.  Everything else is up to date, and the remaining structure will stay from here on out (or until I get bored again).  The only item that might change is the top graphic, as I have always felt the blog page needed its own flair.  Agreed? 

There have also been further posts over at the Moblah'g, so if you haven't visited in a while, go check it out.  I'll always be grateful for the patronage.  I have noticed that the pictures I have taken with the mobile phone always lean heavily toward yellow; it makes me pine greatly for a better camera.  Not a new phone, mind you...I'd be happy with an auto-focusing 2 or 3 megapixel camera in my current phone.  But have I told you of the picture quality of the pictures from the iPhone?  Ah, the pictures I could take with that!  *back to reality* But that will not happen, as I couldn't do 75% of the other things necessary for the livelihood of the Moblah'g. 

Eh, it is what it is, so for the immediate future, the mobile blog will have yellowish pictures. 

That's it for me today.  I think I've neglected my son for long enough this morning, and I haven't yet eaten breakfast.  But I've accomplished what I set out to do, and I can relax for the remainder of the day.  See you at the Moblah'g!


This past weekend was one of those that passed quickly.  For example, when Sunday night rolls around, you tend you ask yourself what you accomplished, and the only thing you can think of is eating mac and cheese for dinner.  Sure, there was other stuff, but that was all filler, right?

Of course, I did create quite a few entries for the ol' Moblah'g on Saturday, which was a lot of fun.  The boy and I decided we had enough of lounging around the house that morning, and skipped out at around quarter to noon.  I'll openly admit that I couldn't face the iPhone's launch sitting down; I had to see it for myself.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm mostly impressed with the quality of the gadget.  The software is great too, with the exception of that darn keyboard.  Most say that it is something that can be gotten used to, I say I may not ever want to.  I like the keyboard on my Treo fine, thank you kindly.

Mobile blogging is truly a blast though, even if no one hardly reads it on the weekend.  I wish I could go all over the place and do it for a living.  I'd do it tomorrow, except my family needs food more than words.  Oh, if only these words could earn money.  Someday, maybe.  Today?  Not a chance.

I often wonder what Sumner thinks of all the time I spend here in my office.  He's only a lad of three, so he probably doesn't think much of it.  Lately much of my free time has been consumed by the Web site, as happens from time to time...and occasionally he'll saunter in and ask me a few questions about why my Web site is blue (see, he has a supposed monopoly on all things blue, especially dark blue) and afterward, wander back into his room to play trucks or ninja turtles.  Oh, and that's another thing entirely.  Since when does my offspring play with my number one favorite toy of all time?  It just doesn't seem like that long has transpired since I bought my first turtle from Fred and Meyers back in '87.

Ah, but I gave myself away, didn't I?  It was a long, long time ago.  Nearly 20 years, to my count.  The world was so much the same, but so much is different now.  If you take time to consider it though, it's overwhelming how much is comparable from a certain perspective.  It really provides a bit of comfort in this insanely fast paced world.

Excuse me.  It's 11:00pm and my son just hopped out of bed, and is playing with something on his bedroom floor.

No sweat, I'm back.  I opened the door and a small shadow flew past my field of view and dove back into the bed, dashing under the covers in the hopes that I may not have seen him.  It was amusing to behold, because I did the same thing so many times when I was his age.  Does nothing change with children?  It scares me what things in the future he will try to get away with while I'm not looking. 

I tucked him back into bed and told him that he had a big day ahead of him tomorrow, so he had better get a good night sleep.  He asked me if sleeping well would make him be a good boy, and I confirmed that he was already a very good boy, but sleeping would make him even better.  He smiled cheekily and with a wink told me that I was a good boy too.  Simple moments like those are what make Monday through Friday bearable, my friends.  Only a family can do that for you.

What am I listening to right now?  It's actually one of the finest albums I own.  A definite favorite.  Highly recommended! 

When you're tired of listening to traditional children's music, the kind that repeats itself straight into your cerebellum and travels down your spinal cord until it buries yourself deep in your soul, then you'll welcome "Songs I Heard" with tears of overwhelming joy.  I could listen to this album for hours, and I have on more than one occasion.  Heck, I owned it well before I had Sumner and even before I married the Mrs. 

The selections from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" are my absolute favorite.  It makes me realize that it was the music (and Gene Wilder, of course) that made that movie.  The new version with poor hapless Johnny Depp just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid.  It's visual, sure...but it lacks that special quality and charm that the original was blessed with.  The first time I watched the Gene version was back in the early eighties, at my great-grandmother's funeral.  All of the parents placed the children under the watchful eyes of the television set while they enjoyed Jell-O with bananas embedded deep into its core.  Yes, those are RD's memories.  It's probably very, very false...but I was Sumner's age, I think.  And the Oompa Loompas scared me to tears.  Big surprise.  The sky is also blue and the sun is hot.  Johnny Depp is also a loon.  Just as obvious, to me.

I have no idea why this blog's column is so insanely long, and I keep taking time out during writing to try and figure it out.  I've decided that's not a good idea, as I feel about 10 feet above the keyboard.  I'm hitting the backspace button about as many times as I did when I used the iPhone's virtual keyboard (zing!).  Probably time for me to head off to bed.  Enjoy your Monday!  More bloggage at the Moblah'g.  I'll see you there!

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