23 March 2009


I guess this blog will simply have to become a weekly post.  I still haven't dug deep enough to find the dedication and self-discipline to draw more frequent postings.

There is good news, though.  I finally updated the Archives page with all 2006 postings.  So for any who have missed previous blogs, the entirety is accessible to you now.  Don't say I didn't warn you. 

It's week three of working from home, and I must say that I have mixed feelings of it entirely.  On the one hand, it is wonderful to be able to relax in the morning, void of the rush and stress that accompanies the efforts of preparing for the commute.  It is also fantastic to be home; it is an entirely more serene atmosphere than the office.

But on the other hand, I find myself itching for a bit more engagement, a bit more involvement.  I need human interaction and it simply cannot be found while chatting with coworkers and management via Instant Messenger.  I think I'm disciplined enough for the task of working from home, but in all, I'm happy that I will be going back to the office in a few weeks. 

Other notables.  I had a fantastic dream last night that, despite waking up several times, continued on until the very moment I rose for the day.  I was sent one of 12 testing units for the Nintendo Wii (shudder, I still like "Revolution" better) and was able to actually hold the controller in my hand and play it.  It was a fantastically vivid dream in which I played Super Metroid 3 (that game I remember in particular) and a handful of others. 

Before I nerd-out on this blog and lose a large percentage of whatever audience I may have, I'll abstain from going much further.  And it is time for me to prepare for my two hour stint at the office, so I'll post more later.

Quite a while later.  I've already finished the day at work, and have since been to the pool with the little boy.  He's getting pretty confident; he really likes to go under the water and will even allow me to let go of him briefly.  I still think he has a ways to go before he can actually stop sinking to the bottom instantaneously, however. 

But, progress still.  We're about to spend another fun-filled night over at the 'rents house, but what I'm really hoping is that I can coerce my elder brother into going to Best Buy with me.  He's three months shy of having his first child, and he hasn't a computer yet.  This will be important when he takes 300 pictures of his child and is unable to view/e-mail/print them.  This is my mission while he is here.  He needs to at least know what he needs before he leaves.  If I'm a truly talented brother/salesman, he'll leave Arizona with a new computer.

Father's Day.  Oh, I had a wonderful Father's Day.  Much of it was spent at my parent's house with the entire family.  My wife was lovely enough to get me the new Nintendo DS Lite, which is an upgrade to the existing DS that I already had.  I'm still getting used to it though, the buttons are quite different (read: mushy) and the cross-pad is a touch smaller.  But overall, it's a fine device and the screens are brilliant. 

That's it for now, enough at least until next week.  Have a fine one, at that. 


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