04 July 2007


Seeing how i work at Cox Communications, and that i  get 50% off all Pay-Per-View events, i ordered the Lewis-Tyson fight for myself and my friends.  We all know that "Iron" Mike Tyson is a felon, a half crazy loon that bites and head butts and probably doesn't deserve the attention that he gets.  He got pummeled tonight, a thorough thrashing by a more talented Lennox Lewis.  He got what was coming to him, and i didn't count on him winning.  So why am i so saddened that he lost?

Here is my only explanation:  I live in the past. 

I find it hard to let go of the things that i was brought up on.  Mike Tyson is a name, but with that name comes images and feelings
from when i was a young boy, when i was fascinated by his power
and intrigued by his speed.  I saw his name everywhere.  I even owned his Nintendo game.  So naturally, i wanted to see him win again, not for himself, but for the child still inside of me.  When he
was knocked out tonight, it wasn't Iron Mike that didn't get back up.  It was part of my child hood.  I could care less for Mike Tyson the person.  It's the same way for me with basketball.  When Michael Jordan came out of retirement for the second time, i cheered silently because one of my child hood symbols had risen from the ashes to show that he was still The Greatest.  I didn't care that he might have been feeding his ego, or that he was only doing it because he was bored.  The truth is, he could still score 50 points, he could still take over a game when his body was willing.  It felt like a victory to me every time he stepped on that floor.

I confess that it's one of my problems that i refuse to believe that all good things must come to an end.  I find it hard to say goodbye to anything, really, and i keep a tight hold on the things that mean something to me.  I've had to say goodbye to blessed little in my life...i've only had 3 relatives die in my entire lifetime.  I'm 23 years old! 

I guess i'm just old school.  My friends know i live in the eighties, for crying out loud.  My music?  I like it nice and retro.  My favorite basketball player?  Drafted in 1984, and he's still playing.  My favorite TV show?  The Simpsons, started in 1988, still in syndication.  The list really goes on and on.  Just be very glad that i dress normal and have no desire to grow a mullet. 

That will be all.


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