23 March 2009


Only the most twisted of minds substitutes work for work.  But that's just what I do, it seems.  It's almost a guarantee that I will begin working on this Web site (fun work) when I have a large job-related project to complete over the weekend (other work).

Just how much of my work-related project did I complete this weekend?  Not one bit.  But in related news, the Web site is coming along just peachy.

A little weekend report seems to be in order, then.  Friday night signaled the long drive home from Phoenix to East Mesa, which has been made slightly easier by the discovery of a car pool buddy.  Isn't there another word for that?  "Buddy" just sounds "chummy".  Which also sounds weird.  This paragraph is getting circular. 

Again, Friday night signaled the long drive home.  How long is it?  Long enough.  45 miles, by my estimate.  I hardly need an estimate anymore, so I don't know why I said estimate.  I know it is exactly 44.6 miles from parking lot to garage. 

Friday night meant pizza night, and the best pizza for a broke family is from Little Caesars.  Only $5.00 purchases one fine meal.  With leftovers!  We've also recently discovered the convenience that home-delivered movies brings, courtesy of Blockbuster.  So we watched Mythbusters, of course.

Saturday was a jewel of a day.  From my friend Kyle, I learned about "Starburys", a line of shoes only available at Steve and Barry's for only $14.98.  A fantastic deal, and not a bad shoe at that.  We drove down to the only Steve and Barry's store in the state (Desert Sky Mall, *shudder*) and met my friend Jordan there.  Apparently, I did not let Kyle know what time we were to meet.  Go figure. 

I bought three pair.  My friend bought five.  When I went up to the counter to purchase, I was shocked to read the following. "LIMIT 10 PAIRS OF SHOES, PER PERSON, PER DAY.  THANK YOU." 

Whoa, 10 pairs?  Who would buy 10 pairs of shoes at one time?  It seemed incredible to me, but then again, I was 1/3 of the way there, and I can imagine myself going back in a few months to pick up some newer styles.

After the purchase, the friends and I met back up at the park to break our shoes in.  I smiled to see that the court was empty; we'd have the entire place to ourselves.  Which worked out well, since we were all wearing the same shoes and looked a little geeky. 

When I got out of the car, I remembered why the park was empty.  It's June, in Arizona, at 1:00pm.  It's 103 degrees in the shade.  Oh.

But we played on anyway, pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shoes and growling whenever one of us stepped on each other's feet. 

The most interesting part of the day occurred while we were shooting around.  Two cars pulled up and parked alongside each other for a duration of 10 minutes, one passenger entering the other car for a moment before getting back in his ride and taking off.  This repeated two more times with a separate car, so naturally we got curious and began taking notice of the cars and their passengers.

Another 15 minutes went by with all cars leaving, but remaining in the neighborhood, driving by every minute or so.  We quickly realized they were waiting for us to leave so that they could have their privacy doing gosh-knows-what.  I took a stab at it and figured they were dealing, so I called the cops.  We left a moment later, so I don't really know what happened.  I don't even know if they were dealing, but it seemed awfully suspicious to me. 

Sunday consisted of a few updates to the Web site, and this blog.  Oh, and a bike ride.  That was fun.  My legs feel like stretched bamboo poles, and ambulate much the same. 

So, what's coming up?  It's June, which means The Police concert is approaching quickly.  The wife also begins working (for free), otherwise known as rotations.  Sumner also starts pre-school tomorrow morning.  That should be a blast to drop him off for the first time ever

Wish us luck, we'll need it, eh?  See you soon.


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