04 July 2007


Best Movie Ever.

Is it unfair that i say this a short 45 minutes after i have seen it? 
Is it just pure emotion and the remains of the adrenaline that is
making me say such things?

I sincerely doubt it.

Like i said on my main page, George Lucas is the Master of cinema.  Now, i won't leave this entry to be a review of the movie, instead,
i will leave that up to Eric.  Be sure to check his site soon to see
what his opinion is.  *hint* he gives it 9.9 stars. 

Other than movies and work, life moves on in the usual pattern of the seasons.   The temperature has well exceeded the 100 degree
mark on multiple occasions, and i find it hard to believe that i
actually enjoy this weather.  Truth be told, i do love it.  You
know what?  Sorry, this has to be a short entry tonight. 
I'm just way too tired to think anymore.

May the force be with you.

(i couldn't resist)


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