04 July 2007


Sun Friggin City...

The weekend is upon us again, and i am left to reflect upon the
week's transpiring.  An item of the most prominent  note would be Thursday when i had an opportunity to ride along with a field tech at work.  The majority of the day was spent in Sun City, and it amazes me how you can ride down any one of those streets and feel like you have warped back in time to the 1970's...a decade when it was cool to cement green colored rocks into your sidewalk...a decade when it was modern to have a blue house, a decade when it was normal
when you spray painted your front yard in stark contrast to everything around you.  And it's been kept in pristine condition,
like a child's prized comic book, so that you may see exactly what it was like for our parents.  Sometimes i wonder just who takes care of all the yards, who trims the trees just so they look exactly like the fruit they should bear.  I imagine little elf-folk groundskeepers with green hats running around at midnight, singing catchy little rhymes, like,

"We work so hard, yes we work so hard...

so the old don't die, oh we work so hard,

yes we try and try, and sometimes we cry!

but we so work, so hard..."     

And so on, and so forth.  Ah, the unseen magic of Sun City!

Aside from the environment of that blissful city, it was a day well spent.  It was nice to see the other side of the telecommunications business.  By the way, you will probably never hear me say that i
work for the cable company.  It just doesn't suit me, and it
downplays everything that my company is working towards...so from now on, it's telecommunications.  But anyway, i was able to see just how hard we work to make sure that somebody's TV is working properly, how much effort goes into ensuring that a customer has access to the fastest speeds possible for their internet, and how
little the installer's are appreciated. 

Blah.  So there you have it, today's blog.  Enjoy the weekend, and we'll see you back on Monday. 

Postscript:  Church Dance Tonight...*sigh*  I've been saying that since i was 12 years old.....


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