04 July 2007


A new format...

The other Blogger driven page got really tired.  Oh, and by the way, has anybody figured out yet that i really don't know a whole lot about HTML?  This page should give you some sort of clue.

Life is sailing along.  I wish i could say the same for my dear brother.  The school district that he works (ed) for has cut him off, sending him a severely impersonal letter stating so long and thanks for all the fish.  (basically)  Oh, i can already tell that i'm in love with the parenthesis today...(yesh)

Today I got a small smackeral taste of what my job will be like after my training.  All's i can say is that it's basically like dangling a steak in front of a starving dog, letting him lick it, and then flinging it out of sight.  I'm bleary eyed, half crazed, and ready to get to it.  I have to go back to the training tomorrow....GOSH.

That's it for today, i have to finish fixing my friends computer.  It's been here on my work bench for like 3 weeks.  How about that for turn around time, neh?


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