04 July 2007

Friday, April 26, 2002

Heavy winds, lots of clouds, and plenty of fresh air.

But only if you don't have allergies. Then you might be a bit sore today. I just got home from work and had a great desire to do some more work to the site, so i've added some new pictures and a few new pages to the mix. In all, it appears that i might be gaining ground on my goal to create a more aesthetically pleasing view for Outside The World.

My remote control is ergonomic. Is yours?
It should be.
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Thursday, April 25, 2002

Greetings to you this fine day...

It's funny to think about life sometimes. I only say this because i'm waiting for the bad to come at any time now. I was able to get rid of my Honda and find a much more suitable car for my purposes, and i have what appears to be a dream job at a growing company. I'm happy, i have friends, the weather is still too hot, but that won't change till October. No rain. But nevertheless, life is cruising along at an incredible pace. In the words of Elder Nielson, life's so good, it's scary...

This week has been spent mainly in the classroom at Cox. I won't delve into this too much since i may be divulging too much information, but know that it is both challenging and fun. I believe that i can stay a while at this company. This weekend, my friend Neal will be flying home from Idaho to spend a week in between semesters with his family. It'll be good to see him and spend some time with him before he leaves again for school. He is the last remnant of my friends that aren't married yet, a rare and highly (not) coveted rank on the Totem pole of life. No, really. I swear.

Why am i not married? Because i don't know. Why aren't you married? And don't give me anything like, "well, actually i am" because that doesn't cut it with me anymore. I need something more substantial to go on here, not just a reception invitation to pad your list of presents. Want to know how many receptions i've been to in my life? 3. My brother's, my ex girlfriend's, and my best friend Jake's. I may, and i can't confirm this, but it's a pretty safe bet, have a fear of commitment. Who knows, who knows.

Well, have a wonderful weekend. Catch you on the other side of Sunday...
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Sunday, April 21, 2002

Tomorrow i start my new job...

By a show of hands, how many people hate the feeling of the first day on the job? I know i don't really care for it. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me how prepared i am, how focused and intent i make myself on creating a good impression, i will invariably feel a little out of sorts that first day. I am starting my long-awaited job at Cox Communications tomorrow, where i will be doing what they call E-Care...i will be handling customer service and techical issues for clients of Cox. The great thing about the job is that i get to do all of this by email...and i can avoid the phones a lot of the time. So, all of you who think that they can now call me directly to solve all of your cable woes, sorry charlie...this cat don't play that way.

For the past couple of months, i have delved into the world of computer upgrades and services on the side. Not a bad little rap, i suppose, i have had a lot of success but haven't made a bit of money. I seem to have this problem with charging people for things that seem a little fun to me, i suppose. So if anyone needs their computers networked, upgraded, or repaired, let me know. I will try my hardest to let you pay me.

I have also purchased a new scooter, it's one of the funnest things i have ever owned in my life. I use it mainly to get around the neighborhood, and i will use it eventually to get to work. I am trying to sell my car, so if anybody that you know is interested in purchasing, point them to my car's webpage here. It's a great car.

So, that's about it for now. I'm going to go ride my scooter.
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