23 March 2009


Oh no!  Taxes are due.  Wait, they're all done.  Good deal.

Nothing gets you in the mood quite like perusing the blogosphere.  I know of quite a few crazy blogs out there, some of which I have listed below in no particular order.  It's not a matter of, "If they can write, I can write."  It's simply the fact that I believe it's an honor to read a part of these people's lives, and the only way that I know to repay is to return blog-blather in kind. 

Sumner's birthday.  Ok, not really.  But he is one week old today, and it flew by.  If this is how the rest of his life is going to be, then I would be well-off if I paid as much attention as possible.  He's manages to move his little head around quite a bit.  When he hears my voice, he lifts his noggin off of his mother's chest and peeks around a little bit, then drops his head back down in exhaustion.  What a kid.  He'll be mobile before I know it.

I felt like a couch potato today.  After watching "Pimp My Ride" on MTV and playing every single level on Super Mario Brothers II, I think it's safe to say that I've had enough television for a while.  But I'm trying to get things in while the boy is asleep, that's all.  Oh, and my wife made the most delicious entree in the world again today.  Chicken and Sour Cream enchiladas. 

Wait.  Telephone's ringing.  In the baby's room.

Ok, I've returned, and the baby is fully awake now.  So as to allow my wife a little extra sleepy time, I've taken the little one and am attempting to finish off tonight's entry with him in tow.  It's no small feat to type with two hands while balancing a one-week old on your chest.  I can barely see the monitor.  This is also a fairly comical sight, as he is pecking gently at my shirt to see if he can get something to eat.  Sorry little one, nothing for you there.

Alright, I had more to write, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I'll have to cut this short.  Bigger things to attend to at the moment.  More later!


One visit after another.  Sumner is quite the popular boy.  From proud grandparents to curious neighbors, this little baby has caused an increase in visits for our family, indeed.  He's a genuinely serene child, and when I hold him in my arms and look at him, I feel nothing but love for him.  It's shocking how easily they grab a hold of your heart strings.  I just hope that he never lets go.

Mommy is still doing wonderful, if not slightly euphoric.  The most beautiful thing to watch is both of them sleeping in bed, his little head somewhat crooked in her arm.  Earlier this morning, we were cleaning out all of our bags from the hospital when she told me that she really enjoyed her stay there.  At first, I was incredulous, but after pondering the entire experience, I had to agree.  From the moment we got to the hospital, we completely felt comfortable and cared for.  The delivery, and every moment leading up to it, was spent together and in total confidence.

I don't know how common it is for couples to have this great of an experience during delivery, but I do know that I am and forever will be grateful. 

A couple of weeks off.  As my job offers paternal leave, I will be off for the next couple of weeks to be with my family.  That means that I should have plenty of time to regularly update this forsaken blog and Web site.  Friendly contact of encouragement is recommended, of course.  And as always, we welcome any visits or calls.  The door is always open.

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