23 March 2009


It's no small accomplishment that I'm actually going to post this blog before 11:00pm; every other night has been posted at that hour or much, much later.  Blame school, blame work, and blame...well, myself of course.  But tonight, there are far more important things than the blog.

Burrito Bandito.  This is a small Mexican restaurant that I found near my place of work, and I love it.  For $3.78 with tax, I can get a sizely bean and cheese burrito, a half order of Baby Banditos, and a drink.  Believe me, it fills me up. 

And for the third day straight, I have a picture!  'Cept this picture isn't of a sunset, labyrinth, or other such amusements. 

No.  It's my lunch.

Looks tasty, doesn't it?  I don't know what came over me when I took this picture.  I was not particularly impressed with the presentation; forgive me, but I'd seen this plate on numerous other occasions.  I just wanted to take a picture of my lunch, and let everyone see it.  And I wanted to tell you to try The Burrito Bandito.  It's at 19th Avenue and Union Hills Road.  Huzzah!

Technically, the last time I took a picture of my food was in the Missionary Training Center when I was 19 years old.  I would regularly take pictures of the grand portions there; after developing them (remember doing that?) I would send them to my parents, either as proof that I was eating or, more likely, to be completely obnoxious. 

Sheesh.  It's been quite a week.  This is it until Monday, I hope that you have found this week's postings slightly amusing, if not bemusing.  Yes, it truly is confusing to go from picture of post-rain sunsets to a styrofoam plate full of fried Mexican food. 

But what can you do?  Meet me back here on Monday and I'll try to make it up.


Third night in a row staying up way too late.  But this evening, I was especially preoccupied with getting everything ready with my change of e-mail address.  That's right, I give up.  Spam ruined my favorite e-mail address.

But not to worry!  My outsidetheworld.com account came to the rescue. 

I had so much on my mind to write about tonight, but it all fails me now.  I procrastinated writing far too long, I'm afraid, and now all I have left in me is babble.  Unmitigated verbal meandering.  Oh wait, I do have a few pictures.

Below you will find a place at work that I frequent whenever I'm having a rough day.  It's an eleven circuit labyrinth, and it's supposed to be a place of meditation and prayer.  Kind of like Pooh's thoughtful spot, but not as cheerful or blustery.  (Correction, Pooh's "Thotful Spot") 

I never understood the many misspellings in the books and cartoons, but they did me no harm, so I should just be quiet. 

Anyway, on to the pictures.  Rather than try to remember the purpose of this labyrinth and attempt to paraphrase, I simply took a picture of what "they" said it is.

Again, you'll have to forgive the fact that these pictures were taken with my phone's camera.  But, there it is.  The place where you could find me if all else at work had failed.  And by all else I mean a package of candy and a game of pool.

It was actually quite beautiful outside today; it was much preferable to the office environment.  It was just so blasted cold inside my office.  I couldn't keep warm or awake, a terrible and rare combination that leads to poor productivity.  So, outside to the labyrinth I went, and was greeted by 70 degree sunshine and the chirping of birds.

I think this'll do for the evening.  Have a great day and week ahead...it's almost Friday.  We can make it to Friday, right?  Right.

P.S. The weather widget was never right, so I removed it.   39 degrees at 11:00am?  Nope.  Good riddance.


Just a short entry today.  To make up for it, however, I'm providing pictures for your viewing enjoyment. 

I'm already looking at the 11:00 hour as I write this.  Tuesday is the longest day of the week for me, with school and all.  And for whatever reason, class just crawled by tonight.  It was all I could do to keep from looking at the time.

There was a short unanticipated rain storm today in the valley.  When I left work at six, the clouds were barely breaking and the sun was shining in the best way imaginable.  The pollution had all been swept away; every mountain range within 100 miles was clearly visible with the orange sunlight casting textures upon them. 

I tried to take a few pictures to summarize what I saw.  Share and enjoy!


11:19pm.  What am I doing up at this hour?  I really should be asleep.  For some unbelievably ridiculous reason, I procrastinated the writing of six two page papers until the last bleeding moment.  Yes, that does equal roughly 160 pages to be read and 12 pages to be written, in less than six hours.  Come to think of it, I'm fairly proud of myself.

Problem is, the papers themselves are complete garbage.  I'd probably give them a D if I graded them myself.  Simply not too proud of them.  But what else can you really expect?  I'm just elated that I'll have something to turn in tomorrow night when I head to class.

So now, as some form of outlandish punishment, I sit here at my desk writing more unconscious drivel in the form of this blog entry.  I admit it; I'm hooked to writing it.  Besides, I did send out the general e-mail to everyone about four hours ago, informing them that Outside the World had again reopened.  So, if you followed that e-mail here to my silly blog, welcome.  This is all there is for now, really.  Please don't be too disappointed.  Try to remain temporarily disillusioned.  There.  That's better.

Nothing much else to report on, I'm afraid.  The wife and child got back from Mesa late this evening, both stricken with some sort of flu bug that I desperately hope to avoid.  Poor Sumner came home asleep in his mother's arms, and I'm afraid that's the condition that he preferred for the remainder of the evening.  Poor guy.  You just feel terrible when a child gets lambasted by a virus that should only be meant for adults that can handle it.  And by adults I don't mean myself, for I have never handled the flu season with much steadfastness.  (see 11/25/03)

Oh, one final thing before I retire for the evening.  You've probably noticed that this particular page loads considerably slower than it had previously.  Well, that's because I added a weather widget on the bottom of the page.   Now, whenever you get a hankering to find out what the temperature is in Glendale, you can visit my site!  Gee, the utter uselessness of the widget is finally manifesting itself to me.

I'm hoping that it will work itself out and "be more faster" (see Homer Simpson, "Stupid TV, be more funny!" episode), but I'll end up removing it soon because it's just irritating.

On a sad note, my stupid wireless mouse keeps reverting into a paperweight.  It's turned itself into an unrecognized USB device 14 times this evening, and I don't believe it's concerned enough with its dismal performance to stop at any point.  Alas, time to put it to rest.

Speaking of which, this entry could use a rest, as well as my hands.  Good day to you all!


Another week is upon us.  Well, not for me, not yet at least.  It's still Sunday night as I type this.  My friend and I just spent a good couple of hours playing Lufia II for the Super Nintendo.  Lufia is an old RPG that we used to play for hours and hours when we were still in high school.  Ah, good times.

That's the great thing about the Super Nintendo.  The games just don't seem to get old; they really retain their replay value.  As a side note to this topic, the wife and I had been looking for a used Wheel of Fortune game for a while now.  In our weekend pursuits, we happened across an extremely cheap copy of the game for the Nintendo 64, the successor to the aforementioned Super Nintendo.  We decided to purchase it, and upon playing it at home, only got one game out of it before we turned it off.  It just looked so dated. 

The wife and child are away at the moment, visiting her mom and dad in Mesa.  Since she has observations down there on Mondays anyway, she decided to spend the night there instead of waking up at the crack of dawn.  Smart lass.  But now, the house is empty and quiet, and I don't feel much like sleeping.  So, I update.

On Saturday, we celebrated two birthdays.  My mother turned X years on the 18th, so happy birthday to her, indeed.  I found her two bags of lemons on the side of the road, and delivered them personally.  No, I lied; the wife found them.  But I delivered them.

Was that all I gave her, you ask?  Why no, we also purchased the game SceneIt! for her.  My wife said that she mentioned wanting it once upon a time, and she did seem pretty excited to receive it.  Oh, and we got her a small box of chocolates that I thought were Jordan almonds.  Darn packaging trickery.

It was also Jenna's grandpa's 80th birthday.  Good on him for it.  The entire family spent the afternoon at a park near our house, wind and all.  I swear that man doesn't seem 80 years old to me.  He was running around, chasing his great-grandchildren around that park like he was 30 years younger.  I can only hope to be able to move as fast at that age.

Most of the family played a game of softball to round out the festivities, myself included.  During a "crucial" point in the game, my brother-in-law had to run to home plate, so I covered second in his stead.  Headed directly for me was my wife's cousin, by no means a small person, and he creamed me.  Completely bowled me over.  My hip still hurts.

But no matter.  It was fun nonetheless.  Sunday was very uneventful, Sumner and I had to return home early on during church time because he wasn't having any part of it.  His finger was stuck in his mouth the entire car-ride home, so I reckon he might have been teething.  Or he might just want me to have believed so.  Trust me, the little kid is getting smarter each day, so I put nothing past him at this point.  For crying out loud, we just had our first telephone conversation today.


"Daddy?  I'va shoe!'

"You have a shoe?"

"Yah! A shoe!  Hi?"

"Hello, Sumner!  I love you!"

"Love you, Daddy.  Bye!"

That's pert much how it was hammered out.  He turns two in about three weeks.  I won't cliché this blog by saying that the time is going by too fast, but dangit if it is.

I'd imagine this is long enough for a Monday entry.  Like me, I'm sure you all have a load of work/school/other to catch up on, so enjoy it, and certainly enjoy your entire week.  I'll be back tomorrow with more disreputable drivel.  Cheers!

P.S. @ 11:34pm  I'd like to know who's visiting lately. If you've a moment, drop me a line.

Yet another P.S. at 12:49am  The News section of OTW has just been added!  We'll see how this works out.  Keep in mind, I don't select the news, I just pass it on.  So when weird things get on there, don't tell me.  Tell the A.P.


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