23 March 2009


Not too much to say today, I'm afraid.  I went to bed relatively early last night, so no entry was written.  I can definitely say that's a good thing, because anything written last night would have been poor, poor material.  No promises for today, though.

As it's St. Patrick's Day, I've decorated the Blog site and have worn a green shirt.  That's the extent of my celebration.  When I was younger, my father would put green food coloring in the milk and pancake batter for breakfast.  I seem to remember that my mom was never a big fan of that...but who would be a fan of green milk?  Nobody but an eight year old kid, that's who.

Did you know that the Cheat was hatched from a fish-stick filled egg?  Does that mean that The Cheat is classified in the same family as say, the Platypuses and echidnas?  Excepting of course that none of their eggs are crammed full of fish sticks.  Perhaps one day soon, we'll be introduced to a little more background on this small yellow mystery...

A good friend of mine paid visit last night.  It's that time of year for spring break visits, and it's always nice to have old friends stop by.  There wasn't too much time for fooling around, we went to the nearby 7 Eleven store to pick up some Slurpees and then took off for his house.  (Side note:  Slurpees are great.)

During the car ride to his house, we listened to Strong Bad's CD.  I confess right now, when he asked me if I had listened to it, I said yes. However, I had not.  Why did I lie?  Because it seemed that I ought to have listened to it, this friend and I used to experience these types of things in tandem.  So, by admitting that I hadn't yet heard it was confessing that I wasn't up with it...I would be declaring my separation from all things singular.  Well, as this friend reads my entries oft, he now knows the truth.

But, we both were able to sing our silly heads off on the way, and it made me realize how good it is to let your guard down every so often.  It takes a special kind of guy to allow you to sing, "The Cheat is NOT DEAD" in front of them. 

It's work time, so this entry has to be cut short.  But, as a special treat today, I give you the lyrics to the "Secretest Song" on the Strong Bad CD! 

As sung by Homestarrunner:

Secret song!
I can’t believe it’s you!
I never knew it was true…
Oh secret song!

Secret song, soooooooooong!!
You’re the secretest song on the album, secret song.
Songs are made of mysteries.
And clouds of made of moon beams, secret song.

Secret song…
I love you…All night long.

I can’t stand to see you go.

Secret song…I love you so.

Wait….good enough.


An evening with Mr. Fix-it.  And I kid you not.  Over the weekend, my Uncle George and Aunt Marla paid visit to the state of Arizona, and stayed at my parent's house for the duration.  We had a wonderful time of things on Sunday night, visiting until late in the evening and there wasn't hardly enough light to see each other's faces.  I looked forward to seeing them again the next day, as I wanted to show them my place and all the wonderful baby "things".

Uncle George didn't take five steps in the apartment before he took to work on my broken laundry closet door, asking me whether I had any tools.  This was one of those moments when, as a guy, it's requisite that these items are available, and I feel rather sheepish when I explain that there aren't any handy.  No matter he says, and off he goes to work on this door.

After a short visit to Home Depot, we decided that we had the essential tools and fixes for the hinge, and came back to finish the job.  By the way, this store still mystifies me, as I know I belong there, but I don't quite know why.  George seemed to know exactly where to go, but I remained lost.  He looked over an entire wall of gadgets, decided what we needed, and walked away.  I still sat there, puzzled and puzzling. 

I'd imagine that I could do such fixes from time to time; however, my problem is that I don't know that such replacement parts exist.  I suppose that the lesson learned from this experience is that everything is fixable.  Everything.

The neatest part of the evening was when George and I went to OfficeMax to find a printer.  I didn't exactly know why, but then he told me that this was a surprise for the parents.  What a neat guy.  It takes a certain breed of human to understand and perceive what people really need and want.  We snuck back home and up the stairs to the computer room, where we deftly installed the printer and had my mom come upstairs to view some baby shower photos.  After a couple of quick glances at the pictures, George asked my mother which one she liked; after she pointed to one, he quickly printed it before she saw the printer in the corner.  She was surprised, and she loved it. 

Anyway.  That's it for now.  Go back to your jobs, your schools, and your chores.  This page will be back again tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping by!

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