23 March 2009


I forget.  Is it St. Patrick's day?  I think I may have blogged about this in past  years, but when I was much younger, my friend Jimmy and I would search the wooded areas near his house for leprechauns.   This was a tradition on each St. Patrick's Day.  We both would swear that we could see them darting throughout the trees, keeping their pots of gold or bubble pipes just out of reach of us. 

Because you know, back then the pipes only had bubbles in them.  What else could it be?

I probably shouldn't make this a terribly long blog tonight.  I fudged on my homework and writing this entry isn't exactly supporting my case for not doing it.  Plus, I worked nearly all day long on a Web site for work (yes, I know, I just said I don't like doing sites for other people, but this is work!) and I'm just plain tired to seeing FrontPage for the time being. 

Interesting note:  "Frontpage" is categorized as a spelling error.  "FrontPage" is not.

As this is the last blog for the week, it should be mentioned that it is to be another rainy weekend.  So, bring those umbrellas and hooded sweatshirts back out for one more rainy Saturday.  I hope you don't wash your car.  If you own a Prius, I'm not too worried about you.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, you're just not reading this enough, are you?

The Office quote of the night: 

(How to get them to understand?) "Well, I'm like Superman, and these people are like citizens of Gotham City!"

"That's Batman, Michael."

"Ok, well, I'm Aquaman.  Where does Aquaman live?"

"In the ocean."

"Nerds.  I work with a bunch of nerds."

End The Office quote.

Have a great weekend!  Monday it is, then!


I just got home from school.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I cannot promise that this entry will have depth or meaning, but that's not really a big deal. 

My brother is chatting with my over MSN and continues laughing about something.  That something would be this:

In many respects, it deserves whatever criticism comes its merry way.  Unfortunately, and I do mean regrettably, that is what I used to call my blog.  I haven't a clue what I meant by it.  I think I was playing around with a thesaurus or perhaps I drew a name out of a black hat in a dark room.  Who knows, really.  At least it's over with, done.

I mentioned to him that I could just see him laughing.  The Wedge.  Ooh!

I also mentioned yesterday that I would try to post another picture of the snowy vistas surrounding Phoenix.  Well, a combination of higher temperatures and increased pollution did not permit me to obtain a good shot.  But I got one nonetheless.

Sadly, it's just about as blurry as the phone camera pics because I had to digitally zoom so far to get a good enough view of the capped mountain in the distance. 

And as a special treat, a somewhat better picture of the (I think) C-130 on the tarmac at Deer Valley Airport.

Now I'm rambling and posting silly pictures.  I should probably end this for now.  Overall, a fairly anemic post, but fun nonetheless.  Have a great day!


Long day.  Nearly half of it was spent at work, rather than the usual 1/3.  That never ceases to strike me as strange; we humans spend eight out of the 24 hours working.  I guess it all means something, though.

The reason for the few extra hours today was a deadline that I'm working toward.  I've been told that my time management skills could use some work (who am I to argue?) so I'm definitely focused on attaining this.  I was only able to finish about 50% of what needed to be done.  More tomorrow!

When I drove to work this morning, I traveled on my usual route of the 101 to the 1-17, then exit.  But something caught my eye when I curved around the loop toward the 17; snow.  It was everywhere.  Each mountain range within eye shot was dusted with white.  It was absolutely beautiful.

I only wish that I had a camera at that moment.  Well, not at that very moment. If I had attempted to take a picture, the results could have been disastrous.  Photography and moving automobiles rarely mix, if ever.  But I did manage to take these with my camera phone later on in the day.  I sincerely apologize in advance for the terrible quality.  Truly, these images deserved better justice.



Garbage.  You can hardly even see the snow.  Anyway, it's there, if you look really hard.  If the snow is still there tomorrow, I promise to provide better shots.

You might notice the absence of several links on the Web site lately.  It's all in preparation to reintroduce the site near the end of this month.  Also, many pages lack important functionality as my new host is making normal operation difficult.  My good friend Eric also wishes to blame Microsoft, but that's a given and I feel much better picking on something that I pay for on a monthly basis.

School tomorrow night.  Therefore, few, if any, promises are made for an update to Wednesday's blog.  School just lays waste to my energy levels, especially after work.  At least it's an interesting class.  Now, if only I had a text book to use. 

Does anyone else think the clover in the banner image is a little big?  I do.

Oh, I'm rambling now.  Time to end this.  Good day to you all!

PS @ 9:54pm There are a lot of ways to get to old defunct areas of this Web site.  Do me (and yourself) a favor and don't get too click happy!  You might run into an interminable loop!


I'm still getting used to the updates.  You'll have to excuse me while I attempt to locate my routine in all of this.  You'll also have to excuse me if this entry gets a little open ended and meandering.  I'm watching/listening to Winnie the Pooh for the Nth time this weekend.

Wife and I had a rather enjoyable weekend together, although not much was truly accomplished.  Friday night we decided to rent a video game and eat frozen pizza at home while the 'rents watched our boy.  Turns out Blockbuster nixed our membership a while back; they wanted us to spend a little while and fill out their application.  It didn't take much for me to turn my back on that.

So, we ended up still eating cold pizza, but instead of a video game, we went grocery shopping.  Fair trade. 

Saturday was spent seeing family and friends.  My buddy Neal and I drove around in the never ending rain.  I received a free burger coupon from Red Robin for my birthday, and seeing how that is one of our favorite eating establishments, we dropped by late in the evening to pay them a visit.  However, 45 octogenarians decided to spoil that event by attempting to seat themselves at the aforementioned restaurant five minutes before we arrived.  Harrumph.

I never did give a report on my birthday now, did I?  What a tremendous day.  Kudos indeed to my beautiful wife for managing to procure an XBOX 360 AND not tell me about it.  She's always had a hard time keeping surprises from me, bless her heart; I could tell how excited she was when I finally opened that present up last. 

And my, that 360 is quite a beast.  Forget whatever reviews you may have read online.  You really have to see it to believe it.  The craftsmanship inside and out is amazing. 

The wife also crafted me a wonderful scrapbook detailing our marriage up to this point.  Actually, that is my favorite present that she gave me.  That particular present is holding semi-permanent residence on my desk at work, for those particular times when I'm in need of a good pick me up.

Another fun happening on my birthday was a rather rousing Web camera session with my brother and his seven kids.  Technology can be quite a blessing; this instance in particular.  I was actually able to watch and hear each one of them sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Sumner quite enjoyed it too.  He's at that point in his life where most things are magic.  I'm going to like this phase, and truly will be sad when it nears its end.

There have been more updates to Bloggenpucky and Code Sanctuary; be sure to give them a peek.  Eric is outdoing himself with coding and such.  You'd have to be  true geek to appreciate the in's and out's.  Oh, by the way, Code Sanctuary is what was formerly known as The Difference of Opinion Web site, which died long ago.

And look!  My old St. Patrick's day banner image is back.  That should be fun to use for a little while, at least.

Yeah, that's all.  Have a great week!  More to come, says I.


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