23 March 2009


Only a quick entry tonight.  It's been a long day - again - and I'm looking forward to hitting the sack.  The baby shower was a success, or so I heard.  I wasn't there, I skipped out quietly as the guests arrived.  The baby boy got quite a few neat things, he should be very happy once he arrives. 

My wife found it amazing how such a small thing could need so much stuff.  As I looked around at the treasure trove of items, I knew she was right.  From clothes to bathing supplies, this kid needs a lot of consumables.  Something tells me he'll be more than worth it all though.

We're heading to the Jazz-Suns game tomorrow night.  Here's hoping that it's a good game.  You all know who I want to win.


English lessonsAs a rule of thumb, you should never try and persuade rules of writing without proper research.  My wife taught me this important lesson earlier tonight.  It turns out that I may know something about writing, but I have a difficult time expressing where I learned it from. 

It all started when I asked her to make sure and proof this Blog for me, as she is usually the first to read it.  She told me she would, and already had something in mind.  She pointed out a good one.  Yesterday, I quoted Kobe Bryant as saying "just not right."  For good reason, she told me to take the period out of the quotes and end the sentence on the outside of the statement. 

But sometime ago, I learned that commas and periods remain inside of the statement at the end of a sentence, and exclamation points and question marks are placed on the outside.  She proceeded to take out her Psychology book to show me several examples of period usage outside of the quotes.

Unsurprisingly, I became flustered because I felt that years of habit were crumbling before me.  Not willing to give up, I googled the phrase, "quotation mark and period usage" and found the following page.  I wouldn't necessarily declare victory, as success is generally derived from hardened dedication.  I'd give the victory straight to her, as her quiet patience taught me a lesson, as always.  What a girl.

Star Trek II.  After the results of the previous Star Trek viewing, I had cast off all thought of my wife agreeing to watch any further installments of this series.  But we did end up watching the second film tonight, and it made me remember that this one was probably my favorite.  The story of Khan is excellent, and there was enough plausible drama to keep us both entertained for the entire movie.  Gone were the long segments of elaborate homecoming; instead, the entirety was driven by the storyline.  But I'll pass on the full review for tonight.  I'm much too tired for that.

Baby shower tomorrow.  It's hard to believe that we've come this far already, the preparations seemed so far off for this event.  I've distanced myself pretty well from the occasion, partly out of jealously, mainly out of frustration.  But I'm sure that the wife will have a great time, and she sure deserves all the neat things she'll undoubtedly get.  I'll be sure to list a few of the more memorable items tomorrow, as the week is retiring quickly and I'm running out of material. 

Until then, keep the fire hot.  We'll see you again.


Kobe says the Jazz are out of the picture.  Too bad he doesn't understand that they don't want him anyway.  If the Jazz front office ever expressed interest in him, not only would I be surprised, but I'd be willing to bet their offer was extremely modest. 

You know what an exceptional organization looks for when they sign players?  It's not just talent.  It's not the experience, the rings, or the publicity.  It's the character of the man himself, and Kobe hasn't got it.  He bemoans the Jazz organization because their skit involving him was "just not right."  He was quoted as saying that he was angry because the skit made fun of Karl Malone.  I disagree.  I believe he was upset because the skit exposed him a little bit more than he found comfortable.

He stated that events such as the skit on January 24th must be taken into consideration when choosing teams.   However, when you A. Have been charged with rape and B. Continue to care about your pocketbook above winning, it does not reflect well when pursuing another team.

The media and press state that the Jazz "poked fun" at his legal troubles.  Regretfully for Kobe, this digs much deeper than sheer legalities.  If convicted, he could face years of prison and/or a life-time of probation.  He has to rebuild his carefully crafted image from the ruins that he himself created.  I  wonder why he doesn't watch his words more carefully.   In my opinion, he has an insurmountable task ahead of him.  He may be acquitted,  he may continue to play basketball at a level others envy, but he will never, ever earn the respect of millions again.

So why devote so much space to this?  Because to me, this type of stuff matters.  It's just another compass for the way the world turns, another drop in the bucket that has overflowed.

Phew.  Sorry about that.  In the future, I will give ample warning when entering extreme screed mode. 

Camping.  Again.  Over the last weekend, I went on another camping trip with some buddies of mine.  This time, we didn't forget the firewood, and we even brought charcoal briquettes and a load of mesquite chips for a bit of flavor.  My oh my, steak does taste better when not prepared over a bustling flame of dura-log.

Alas, this may be my last trip for a while, as the time draws ever nearer for the birth of our son.  In five weeks, life will change dramatically.  In the meantime, I had better set things straight around the res' and spend as much time with my wife as possible.  I don't feel oppressed by the pending arrival; however, there comes a point when you finally realize there never was a point to turn back.  The implications of the responsibility of a child are astounding, at best.    Everyday I think quietly to myself.  Everyday I find myself more drawn to this person that I have never known.  Everyday I become more of a father, and the boy inside of me is transferred to the soul inside my wife's belly.  At first, it was an unwilling process, fraught with tears and confusion.  Now, it's more of an honor.  Expectations are that this young boy will soon be my son.  Aspirations are a great deal higher.

That's it for now.  I decided to write this entry a little early tonight so as to grant myself a little more free time to pursue other venues.  I may return later tonight, but most likely not.  Regardless, I'll be doing the same thing for the foreseeable future, like it or not.  Cheers!

03/10/04 @9:28pm.  Honestly, I didn't expect to return tonight.  But while what I have to say is brief, I couldn't keep it for tomorrow's entry.  I just went for a ride around the adjoining neighborhoods on the ol' scooter.  I love this time of year.  Every scent is enhanced and magnified by the cool night air.  I don't feel a rush to get inside to warm up; instead, I can keep my head up as I stroll about outside. 

I even caught a hint of some orange blossoms in the area.  That's an event that has become less and less common, I'm afraid.  It used to be that everywhere you went, you could inhale the heady aroma of the nearby orange groves.  Now, you must make due with the occasional orange tree.  But it still smells great.

This time of year is what living in Arizona is all about.


As it's still my birthday, I'll make this a brief entry.   The wife and I ran all around town today, having all sorts of fun, and now we're ready to collapse for a few hours.  But I won't leave you all empty handed, oh no. 

What I have for you today is a video.  To clarify, a video of a chicken.  Yes yes, I know.  I beat things to death.  But I figure that when you have a theme, you ought to go with it.  It seems that the chicken was still around when we got home last night, even though promises were made for its safe retrieval.  For all I know, the poor guy is still cluckin' about outside, wondering how he got to be in this predicament.  He seemed to be quite worried when I approached him, to tell the truth. 

So what was the prize for today?  The ultimate gift had to be the Star Trek box set.  That completes the collection at ten DVDs.  That's pretty happy news.  We sat down last night to watch the first one.  My wife had of course never seen the earlier Treks, and it had been quite a few years since I had viewed it, save maybe the last few minutes on some cable channel.  The only word I have to describe that first installment is odd.  Such a strange, odd show.  I like it, but there is just so much pomp and non-climatic chorus. 

As I explained (or tried) to my wife, this movie arrived years after the final episode of the television series, so they intended the seven minute sequence of Kirk and Scotty soaring around the new Enterprise to be somewhat of a touching moment.  But now, watching the movie in 2004, it all feels a bit hokey, like they're making too much of a deal about the reunion and such.   You want to push the fast forward button to the action parts, but the movie is meant to be cerebral and platonic.  Needless today, we're moving right along to the latter movies with greater anticipation.

So that's it.  The birthday is at an end, and by what I hear outside of my office window, the neighbors have reported that the chicken has taken roost just beyond their front porch.  That's fine, as he had previously staked out the seat of my scooter as his new home.  He decided against it. 

Perhaps he found it too familiar.....



So, chickens can climb stairs.  We were awoken this morning by some peculiar and rare news.  My wife seemed to think it was mildly amusing, but if she only knew the quickening pace of my heart when she told me, she would have instantly known that she made my day.

There was a rooster out in our front yard.   Maybe the only reason that I got excited was because it was genuine camera fodder, for there is blessed little to capture around an urban apartment complex. 

The neighborhood kids were thrilled with delight; there were a few of them who were set on the idea of catching this lost bird.  But I could remember from my summer in Ephraim, Utah that it's not really possible to capture one of these birds without a little bit of formal training. 

The older neighbors were abuzz.  It seems we don't get much excitement around here, eh?  The apartment staff was there too, walkie-talkies in hand, wondering what to do about this rogue farm animal.  Luckily, one of the girls that worked at the office had a husband that knew a thing or two about these birds, and actually raised a few hundred in his life.  So he came straight over to get it.  That's fine, because I was growing weary of my neighbors jokes about a chicken dinner. 

Last week, Quiznos.  This week, KFC?

In other news:  It's birthday time, and I have the day off.  It's time to go shopping.  The wife got me some neat-o presents this morning, including a much-coveted propane lantern.  How'd she know that I wanted that?  Easy.  She's the best.  She also left early in the morning to get me my birthday cereal.  That is simply a tradition that cannot die.  Although it appears now that other families have jumped on that wagon, as my wife came home with a box of "Birthday Trix".  When I sat down at my desk to scribble off this entry, I was also greeted with an e-mail from my brother, wishing me a happy day with a Pay Pal present in tow. What a wonderful start to a wonderful morning.

Poultry and sugared cereal, propane lanterns and active Pay Pal accounts.  What a day.  See you tomorrow!

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