23 March 2009


Yeah.  About that two year break?  Maybe I just really needed it.  What, with getting married, having a child, and cramming two years of school into one, there just wasn't enough time to sit down and give the site a good once-over.

At least that is what I keep telling myself.  Not really convinced, for sure.

So when you decide to dive back into the Web site madness, is it best to work on one site or maybe two?  Perhaps three?  I told you it was madness.  Complete nonsense too, as it appears.  Just cross as many fingers as you can spare; this could get messy and heavens, we don't need more messes around here, what with a two year old (almost) and all.

Curious George.  Very cute movie.  Overall, I would say they stayed extremely true to the concept of the mischievous monkey, if you would allow me the license to claim there is an underlying concept.  We took the aforementioned (almost) two year old to view the movie.  Dang AMC with their previews that begin at the starting time.  I must have gotten used to Harkins.  It seems obvious to begin the previews before the start time.  Sumner started getting really squeemish right around the third preview.  At the beginning of the 5th preview, well; he was almost begging for "monkey". 

And as much as possible, I believe the little tike enjoyed it.  So much so, that when the movie ended, his lips curled into the saddest frown you can possibly imagine.  I was really wondering whether he was actually going to turn on the waterworks, but no further did i wonder than when he began wailing.  Monkey!  MONKEEEEEEEE!  NEEEEED MONKEEEEEEEE!  And so on.  Thank goodness my wife found a promotional Curious George movie poster inside the mall moments later.  Otherwise, we would have had to go buy more tickets and sit there again.  Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind.  Oh, it did.

And that's it for now.  Off to bed, no posts this weekend, it's time to get the site cleaned up and ready for official launch later this month.  Take care!

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