04 July 2007

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Too many breaks between writings...

It's amazing how time consuming a website can become. It can take over entire evenings with little effort; midnight rolls around rather quickly as you try to rework your tables and make your site cooperate the way you wish it would. Even a small site like mine can be a great distraction, as i haven't had the desire to write any entries. Today, no more meaningless talk about the change of the site, that's done. Complete. Whammo. The magic that was the transition has worked its way into the event horizon of the web. This week: McDonald's actually can be sued for a good reason, Trip to California, and other delightful jewels.

As i often listen to the radio personalities in the morning, i do hear a great deal of junk stories. The other day i heard that there was a class action lawsuit being brought against McDonalds in Great Britain. Apparently over 30 people have suffered "serious burns" due the the scalding hot nature of McDonald's coffee. Their lawyer, Mr. I.B Jackass, says that the warning on the tops and sides of the coffee cups are insufficient and misleading. That's true, because sometimes you can mistake "Warning: Extremely Hot!" for "Hey, this may be warm, but put it in your lap anyways and burn your procreative powers away". Needless to say, this is ridiculous and while i feel for any person that was burned by McDonalds hot black nonsense, the lawsuits are probably going to be ignored. Then Tuesday happened to me...

I went to the McDonalds on 7th Street and Bell. I was in the vicinity because of a delivery for work, and i knew that this certain location accepted debit cards so i went there. As it ended up, the terminal by the register was broken, so the young lady behind the counter asked me to step into the kitchen itself and use the one for the drive thru. Not really giving this a second thought, i passed by the hot oil and the grills on the way to the terminal. While i was walking back, however, i slipped on a spot of grease beside the grill, and nearly placed my left hand on top of it. Close call. For them.

Yes, i was stupid enough to walk back there. And i probably wouldn’t have done anything anyway, i gladly confess that i'm not one of the sue happy in this society. But it's just too bad that companies like McDonalds are taken advantage of by clueless consumers that have delusions that they have somehow, in someway, been taken advantage of. People just believe what they want to believe.

Anyway, my point was lost somewhere amidst all of that writing. If you found one, great! But i wouldn't peruse much longer. Tomorrow, i leave to California for a couple of days. I'll be sure and post as many pictures as possible and write about the great adventures that surely await me in the land of so much style and very little substance. As i don't think i'll have much time to post this weekend, i wish you all a safe and happy weekend.

Make sure to check the media portion of my site next week..... Tchau.
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Sunday, March 03, 2002

I think i've finally turned the corner with the site now.

It's about 1:30 in the morning, i'm still awake, i have no idea why, but i wanted to post a blog after my successul revamp of Outsidetheworld.com. Already this weekend has flown by, i'll try my hardest to make Sunday last as long as possible. Earlier today, (Saturday) i helped paint my co-workers house. It wasn't a big deal, kind of fun really, but the wind was tenacious and didn't give us a moment's rest. Paint was flying everywhere, and it seemed to try its hardest to blow me off the ladder whenever i was in a precarious position.

The rest of the day was spent glued to my computer screen, trying to figure out just how to use Microsoft Frontpage. Go figure.

May your weekend last longer than mine!
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