23 March 2009


So, continuous nagging does work.  That's great.

It rained today.  Large amounts of torrential downpour, it was...Wife and I decided to go to Tagliani's to get some take out food.  I tried to convince her to stay at home while I left, but she would have nothing to do with that.  About 2 miles into the journey however, certain events wrought change upon her mind.  The rain came down in sheets, I tell you, and I couldn't see anything for the life of it all.  First, we have no windshield wipers on the driver's side.  Second, the brakes sound....well, they sound possessed.  It literally sounds like demons will leap from the depths of the discs and drums, for crying out loud.  And I do believe they were wretching by the time we got home.

It was kind of cute to watch her pray to herself in the passenger seat.  I could have said I told you so.  Wait a minute, I did!

Some sort of record?  That second paragraph was huge.  Completely unlike me.  I never write that large of paragraphs, and if I do, I have the insatiable compulsion to hack it up into pieces.  Doesn't make sense?  Doesn't matter!  All for the sake of aesthetics, mind you.  All in the name of pseudo-lit. 

The Passion.  Yes, I remembered.  I mentioned yesterday briefly that I would write a bit about this movie.  While I haven't seen it, I feel some sort of responsibility to explain. 

And don't assume that I won't attend.  I was waiting for something to happen before I gave myself time to ponder this film.  I wanted to see if a certain writer/critic/believer would say something about it, since he seems to have a great deal to discuss about everything else.

And I got my wish.  For those of you not familiar with Orson Scott Card, you definitely should.  He's a remarkable thinker with a keen mind for culture and society.  He has enough similarities to smaller folk to make him approachable, yet he possesses the intellect to request a certain amount of respect.

In the aforementioned article, he strips his essay into three distinct parts:  His views as a film critic, a believer, and an American.  It's not sappy in any way, and it really provides a three dimensional aspect to his opinion.  Because that's all that it is, beautiful opinion.

I was left to myself after reading the article, albeit none the closer to my goal of deciding whether to see this movie.  I like to make decisions for myself, but for this one, it seems a bit more thought and influence outside of my body is needed.  Sometimes I think too much.  I assume you're thinking the same exact thing.

New Links.  It's been a long week, and I'm happy to see two of my good friends begin writing again.  If you haven't taken a look at the links to the right, go ahead and check them out.  Difference of Opinion is the fine creation of my friend Eric, who is a Computer Science major.  Hence, the binary code as the back drop.  His rants are continually choice, and I'm glad they're back.

Heg's Thoughts is my friend Peter's site.  His writings are fewer and further between, but they are often more poignant and subtle.  Definitely worth a gander as well.

I deserve a break.  Thanks for the visits, it's always appreciated and this whole project will be back on Monday.  Until then.


So they weren't lying, after all.  Their subs are A. Toasty B. Tasty and C.  They do have a pepper bar.  But it wasn't the pepper bar that I had expected.  For some strange reason, I believed that they had all sorts of exotic "shaking" peppers that you could use on your subs.  And well, since my wife has gotten me into really nice pepper, I was sort of excited.  Fine, I wasn't disappointed, I just now stand corrected.

Yes, they have a pepper bar.

The proof is in the pudding.  Well, in the bread, at any rate...

I promise that this is my final entry regarding Quiznos.  And hey, we all got a laugh, I'm sure.  I suppose that it's only fitting that this strange adventure ends in the culmination of the visit to the restaurant.  Side note:  My wife thought that the place was cute.  It was, but it wasn't wholly original.  I'd seen cuter.

On to bigger and better things.  Let's see...this weekend, there are many things afoot.  The buddies and I are planning on taking another camping trip to Camp Verde, perchance (sorry, James Lileks) we'll visit the hot springs this time around.  I think i'll be braver this time and take the camera along for the adventure, as I saw many picture-worthy jewels in the wilderness that day.  One could spend an entire day shooting the mountains in that region.

Shortly after we return from the camping trip, it's all business from thereon out.  I have to meet with a company regarding a possible Web site design.  That should be interesting, and quite a positive experience if I may be so bold. 

Sunday is slated for nothing but church and relaxation.  Monday?  Number 25 for this chap.  I haven't a clue what to do for that day, but maybe my wife will make more choco-crisps for me.  That's an entirely different topic for another day, keep in mind.  I'll be sure to elucidate further next week.  See you on Friday.  To remind myself, it'll be something about The Passion.

Keep em coming.


So was that it?  Was that my proverbial moment in the sun?  A brief entrance into the realm of super-sites, with visitor averages in the hundreds?  Maybe.  But at least some people looked around.  That's always reassuring.  I didn't want to appear as some sort of sell-out, mind you.

Oh fine.  If you're really looking for a spong monkey, they aren't here anymore.  They left.  But you're welcome to stay.

For those of you who may be new to this site, welcome.   If you care to look around, be my guest; however, I never guarantee that this site is A. Coherent and B. Enjoyable.  Although I've been told in times past that it is, indeed, both.

Outside the World is my expression to the world.  It's a blog, and it's updated daily, so visit frequently.  I don't advertise my writings with cute unsubstantiated statements, as they all make me wretch.  But hopefully, with the passing of time, this blog will garner the numbers to justify my emotion.

Past entries will be found in the Archives.  I recommend that you try that first, because everything else won't make sense without it.  If you go to the Personal page, you will find other assorted hoo-hah material, such as pictures and writings.  If you really feel brave, get a free e-mail address, too. 

Ah, come on.  Don't I have the right to exhibit my own wares?  Fine.  If you're ever in the mood for some truly excellent writing, rather than mangled consonant-mash, you could always try my brother's site.  He likes natural soap.

On to other things.

I need some new music, but I lost my registration key.  As I installed my copy of Acid 4.0, a small thought kept jumping up in my mind, demanding I give it attention.  A slight itch, reminding me that this product requires registration before use.  Where had I put this code?  Doesn't matter, I'll just zip right through it and hopefully it'll let me use the program that I rightfully own.

It's funny how we humans believe our own lies, even after only 30 seconds of false encouragement.  By the time the program had finished installing, I had built myself up for success.  I expected to be able to use this program. 

<double click> Hi! Registration code, please?  Because we own you and not vice versa? (yes I'm thinking and therefore writing in sentence fragments.  I care.)

I was so vehemently disappointed.  Oh well.  Another month, and I'll be ready to give them a call and voice my opinion.  Or I'll just call and act really nice and hope they give me a new key.

Ho, boy.  It's been a dry day, for sure.  Any evidence of this is apparent in the above paragraphs.  Promises for more articulate writing tomorrow, eh?  Good day.

03/02/04 ---Come for the Spong monkeys, stay for the fun!---

Site Stats.  If anything motivates me with this Web site, it's when I check the daily statistics and see what brought visitors here.  When I checked this morning, I realized that I had become inundated with requests for one thing:

Spong monkeys.

It's now apparent that those funny furry animals have made Quiznos very, very famous indeed.  For crying out loud, 12 out of 13 queries were for that commercial.  The number one hit was "spong monkey", with a whopping 49 inquiries for the past two days. 

I ran across what appears to be the first appearance of these spongmonkeys.  You may find it very interesting and annoying at the same time.  The Web site is here.  It's an endearing song about how much they love the Moon.  Joel Veitch, you're a genius.  Oh yeah, and you're probably very rich now, too.  Jerk. 

And now I don't know whether to be proud that my site is back up to 66 visits per day.  It's obvious that they're only coming now for the 'monkeys.  Well, that's just fine with me, I got the bandwidth, and I ain't that proud.


Teen Girl Squad.  Hard to believe that we're up to number five, but that's where life has led us.  Strong Bad introduces us to the fact that the others really don't like What's her Face.  And if you look closely enough, you'll see that her last name really is "Herface".  The obvious moral of this issue is to avoid dipping your head in the sand at the beach.  If you do, the following may happen to you:

A.  You will inhale sand (and cigarette butts)
B.  Birds will find you an attractive perch
C.  Presidents and body builders will stop and mock

Ah the humor of Homestarrunner.  Long live the king.

Preparations.  Since life is barreling along with the velocity of a snapshot, the wife and I have been afoot with the usual pre-birth preparations.  We managed to rearrange the second room and reclaim an entire wall, that will definitely come in useful when the babe arrives. 

To sum my wife up in a few words:  She is simply amazing.  I'd imagine that I could search through a few previous blogs and find that same phrase more than a few times, but it needs to be said more often.  On Saturday night, my work held a huge bonus party at a local joint called Rawhide.  I was really looking forward to it because there were so many people at work that had been chomping at the bit to meet the lovely dame.

I asked her to take her time and get all dolled up for the event, but what walked through that door was nothing short of angelic.  She's eight months pregnant and she looks absolutely perfect, and everyone there knew it.  I had the belle of the ball and I was damn proud of it, thanks.

When I returned to work today, most people who had met her that night had more than a few comments for me.  She was described as glowing, beautiful, and sweet.  More fitting words could not be found, for sure.

And why am I here?  Too many questions, even more answers.  You'll find out soon.  Until then, keep coming back.  Invite a friend.  I take all coupons.

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