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Saturday, March 02, 2002

Look Ma, no ads!

Welcome to the new site. For the time being, all will remain the same except the actual address, but this marks the successful transition from the old server to the new. Check back often, you never know when you may find new stuff.

I walked out this morning...
It was like a veil had been removed from
before my eyes.
for the first time i saw the work of heaven...
in the line where the hills had been
married to the sky.

posted by RyanDavid Burningham 7:34 PM

Friday, March 01, 2002

Greetings and happy Friday.

This weekend, I will be moving the site to a new host, so you may experience some problems when attempting to view it. This should all be taken care of by Sunday night, and i will email everyone the new address. What's to come? All of my previous writings will be published to the site, so that anyone who is curious may see them. Also, a great little piece of web genius called Difference of Opinion, which is the creation of my friend Eric and his friend Mike. So, be on the lookout for both of those.

Also to come: Curiosities of TV in the desert, Painting the house of Webb, and much more. Stay tuned, for sure.

Enjoy the weekend!
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 6:43 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Last day of February.

This month seemed to fly by for me. And it's funny too, because when i was younger, February was the most painfully slow month that i knew, and the single reason for that is because my birthday is in March. So the days would drag by, until the 8th of March would FINALLY come and i would be a happy child. Well, not that i wasn't happy in the days preceding, but when the days last as long as weeks, well, there's only so much happiness that a 9 year old can achieve when he's waiting for a new Lego set or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action figure...and of course my parents always got me exactly what i wanted. Who knows how much money they spent and how many hours they toiled walking up and down department store aisles looking for that darn-blasted Shredder with "action chop right arm". What a pain i was...my brothers and sister were right when they called me spoiled...well, that's what they get for moving out and leaving me to be the last one in the house.

So, in roughly eight more days i will be 23 years old. I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said that i was old. I know 23 isn't old, in fact, i'm still relatively young, but when i was younger i thought 23 was ancient and that all people, upon reaching that golden age of 20, turned into giants and were whisked away into outer space to live on larger planets. Yes, i had an over-active imagination as a young boy, but that's why i had so much fun. So, now i'm almost 23, i don't look forward to my birthdays as much as i used to, and to draw testament to this fact, all i really want for my birthday is a new razor. What i wouldn't give to yearn for a new video game or something. Ah, my kingdom for a Lego set.....

But really, this wasn't an entry to let you all know that my birthday is coming up...because really, everybody remembers it anyway, right? Also, thanks to the people that emailed me today about other jobs that are out there, i appreciate it and will look into them.

May your days be filled with happiness. Oh, and Legos...
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 9:56 AM

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Tucson was good for me.

It was a chance to get away and recoup from the previous weeks' happenings. But i always hate coming back from somewhere fun like that, it's like eating 50 sugar packets and finding you have the energy to run up the wall across the ceiling, only to crash out of your high 35 seconds later and fall flat on your face in horrible spectacle. My friend Eric and I met up with some of his friends to go to an Ice Hockey game (and you may ask, what other type of hockey is there?) I dunno, i just always call it ice hockey. So anyway, we went to this ICE hockey game and U of A won, they were playing ASU so the whole arena was packed. Eric has some cool friends down there; Sara, Jaime, Dan, Erica, and others...i wish i could remember all of their names. So, hello to all of them. I doubt they'll even read this anyway.

Work work work. I've been waiting to hear back from Cox Communications, i've desired a job there for months now. But no word yet, so i plug away at this fine engineering firm that i've been so blessed to be employed by. Other than that, there is very little going on in my life...although i've decided to go to California for a couple of days with my newfound friends from Tucson. It's almost been a year since i've placed a foot on that strange soil, it will be kind of nice to go back. I doubt that i'll even have any chance to see my friends there, much to my chagrin, but that's life.

Check your house and see if there's a light bulb that needs replacing. Your eyes will thank you.
Unless you stare directly at every light bulb in the house. Then they might get a bit sore after a while.
Use sunglasses. If anybody asks why you are wearing them, just tell them it's better than not not wearing them. After thinking about this for a while, they'll probably leave you alone...
posted by RyanDavid Burningham 3:04 PM


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