04 July 2007

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Live, from Tucson, it's saturday night!

I decided to head south this weekend and pay a few friends of mine a much delayed visit. I got into town at about 8:00pm, so it was completely dark and i didn't notice much about the surroundings. But when i woke up and went outside, i saw what makes this city so strange: The mountains. It seems as if they've been placed here out of a joke, strange scragly-pointly-blotchy creations that look so out of place, it couldn't look weirder even if there was lava spewing forth from the peaks. But other than that, it looks and feels a lot like the rest of Arizona, flat, hot, and brown.

Not much else of substance to write yet today, i suppose that i could say that i might write more tonight, but from all prior experience, we all know that will not happen. I'll be too tired, lazy, or both to do anything. So be that as it may, you have today's entry.

Peace and love to all.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

You can't help but laugh, right? Right?

I could say that i've been too busy to write, but that wouldn't be entirely true. I could make excuses like, "i didn't have anything interesting to write", but that would be completely false. By now, most of you give this site a passing glance just to see if the date has changed, and then shoot off an email or an IM telling me to get writing! So, here goes.

Life is full of surprises both good and bad. I'm beginning to realize on a much deeper level how blessed and, i dare say, how lucky I am. Some people i know would call me a blasphemer for daring to say "luck", they say they don't believe in luck, maybe i have created my own, but i swear it's out there. Life is, at times, deeper than we realize. If we look outside ourselves and our daily circumstances, we will see the tangible synchronicities of life and the connections we draw from nature. If we can grasp this, it could be well with us...

I don't want to say that i've realized any great truth, or that i've discovered something that hasn't been said before. But in this journey i call my life, i can't help but understand the eternal truths that i've known for my entire existence when they are proposed to me in several different fashions. Truth is everywhere, in varying degrees, and if we filter out any part of it because of our own arrogance or closed mindedness, then we are all the poorer for it and must learn things the hard way. We all have more experience than we realize. Somehow we must tap it.

So anyway, i hope all is well with everyone. Sorry about the long delay, i swear it won't happen again...
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