23 March 2009


Where did I go?  Nowhere, really.  I've been here, plodding along at a gallant pace.  I don't understand what happened; one week, I was writing feverously.  The next thing I know, I can't think of a single jot. 

The hiatus seems to have taken effect on my daily visits, as this site has plummeted from nearly 70 visits to 35 per day.  But now, I welcome you back with fresh blogs and toasty media. 

During my small stint away from daily updates, the Wife and I had the chance to go to the Jazz-Suns game.  We arrived quite a bit earlier that anticipated, and the crowd had not swelled too badly.  When we entered the arena, I turned to my wife and asked her if we could try to walk down to the court area.  She lovingly obliged, and we made our way down aisle 115 to center court.

And there they were, the 2003-04 Utah Jazz team.  I took pictures, I filmed them a bit on video.  The surprising thing is that they didn't seem so big anymore.  Sure, a few of them surpass the seven-foot mark, but I'd never had the opportunity to look at an NBA player in the eyes before.  And then I realized that they were five years younger and much much richer that I was.  Still nothing.  I looked at the way they shot the ball.  Nope, still human.  Finally, a twisting two handed dunk.  Ah, ok...there it is.  They're the coolest.

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